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Sup guys.

A topic by SteezyMod created 55 days ago Views: 141 Replies: 32
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Sorry for being offline for a day (like anyone would fucking care) but what happened was that I got in a bunch of trouble and got suspended from school (for hurting another student) and my parents flipped shit on me and now I'm grounded.

But how are you guys?

today has been horrible

i've been going off all day because of ari

i'm worried about alex because of ari

my sanity is dwindling because of this forum and yet i can't bring myself to fuck off

yeah i saw that post

and now im a lil mad as well.

i don't know if you saw what alex said on ari's topic but jeez it really made me feel more bad for her than i already did

i didnt, mind passing the link?

i have a screenshot

I'm going to hurt ari.

Noah can we stop fighting

I'll consider it.

you’re already making progress on changing your act

yeah I'm doing okay I guess

I'm okay

I don't like how this place is changing me. I'm considering vanishing for a couple of days again, I'm seriously getting that urge to fucking rip someone to shreds like I had that one time. I've tried not to get mad for the longest time but it's getting to me. It's not very pretty when I'm angry.

Who/what's pissing you off? And listen, it's okay to spread your feelings, even if its something bad just don't keep it hidden inside of you.

ari is giving me a hard time

seeing my friends and acquaintances being so frustrated makes me frustrated as well, and im already dealing with my own shit along with being worn out by seeing alex jordan and many others tearing themselves down just to get back at ari. the fact that people are seriously harming themselves this much just to get back at ari makes me angry. and i don't want to accidentally say something i shouldn't

sorry. it's my job.

sorry. it's our job.

no me............ basterd.....

Your choice is made. As the righteous hand of The Father, I shall REND YOU APART, and you will become inanimate once more.

omg noah esports

shut up it’s                 Job

Deleted post

hi the n

hi the b


i'm coming to my limit

do it do it do it

it's not worth it

Do you understand what you just said? What are you, kreep? A pussy? Why are you keeping those emotions in?? If somethings bothering you as much as it is, face the problem. Running away is not the way in life, c'mon kreep. It's not like anyone's gonna hate you if you let out your emotions out.

I don't want to grow accustomed to the way I just acted. It's also just not worth it because ari's a bitch and I'd just be wasting my time.