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My 3 kids love the game : I have a crazy special request if you're up for it

A topic by CaptainAustralia created 56 days ago Views: 743 Replies: 52
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G'day NinjaMuffin

Mate, I'm an old guy.  I dress up as the boofhead superhero Captain Australia.  On 26.12.21 I'm going to walk down the east coast of Australia (2400km+) as my way to overcome a fight with Stage 4 cancer, and help kids facing up to the same problem (Captain Australia's BIG WALK).  This video below pretty much explains who I am and what I'm about.  

Absolute respect for all creative industries, mate.  Sorry if this note/request is abnormally weird.

I'm an old fool, so I apologise if I'm breaking any kind of etiquette (I really have no clue), but randomly my middle son Sully (aged 10) drew my Captain Australia character as a battle rapper in Friday Night Funkin.  I didn't ask him to do it, I just discovered it on his desk.  He's affected by autism, and he makes these lovely pictures, but never normally of people.  Anyway the image above is basically Captain Australia as a FNF battle rapper :)

I love it.  Haha.  Sorry mate, I just thought I'd send a long-shot message in case you thought it might be cool as well to have the character do a guest spot in the game.  I know it would BLOW MY SONS EFFING MIND!!! hehe, which is why I have to send this and ask.  I see the game has all kinds of story-telling elements and characters in there, I don't know why the protagonist ('boyfriend' ?) would have a rap battle with a wannabe geriatric boofhead superhero, but if you thought it might be fun, I'd 100% love to see it happen, haha.

Sorry mate, that's my pitch.  All the best to you.  Please feel free to hit me up on facebook messenger if you'd like to have a chat about this, and I understand completely if it's outside appetite or preference. 

Love your creativity, my eldest son is a MANIAC at the game, up up down right up down left up up right up ... watching him is full on :)

Thanks for your time

Simon / Captain Australia   (link to my story below - it was done by an Aussie media program called THE PROJECT)


Damn, I remember seeing you when I first got into superheroes and wanted to see if there was a Captain Australia, and you popped up. Wasn't what it expected,  but I just enjoyed watching you walk around and talk in your @ getup. I'm happy to hear you beat your cancer, and hope for all the best in the future. Hopefully NinjaMuffin will see this :)


Thanks mate, that's very kind of you.   My fight with cancer broke me, I spent 4 years in a dark and bleak place - but this BIG WALK was inspired by remembering a walk I did as a child to escape a bad domestic situation - when 15 I walked from Brisbane to Sydney to live with my Grandma .. it was a time of hope and healing ... and I reached back for that, because I needed that feeling again (and it worked!).

I'm going strong now, and one major part of it was making myself useful, helping a charity.

So .. no more At-Man ... @ .. I don't think I'm batman or anything.  I'm just trying to do something righteous for an important charity (no kid should have to go through the ordeal that I did).

When I walk in December (only 25 days away !), it's basically a Mad Quest.  I know it will look strange to some, but it truly is meant to show people that a broken life can be fixed, and we should all try and move forward with hope.   But yep, it's me, the same guy as before.  If you feel like a giggle I was also on the TODAY show making a fool of myself:    


This is quite wholesome.


Thanks very much, I appreciate your kindness.  It really is about hope and healing (both for myself, and in service of the 950 aussie kids impacted by paediatric cancer EVERY YEAR).  I'm just an old fool, but I'm marching for them.    And yeah, my son and his drawing,  if you mean that part --- he's gorgeous and I loved that he drew me.   What a lovely, wonderful kid.  Any meaning in my life comes from my three young sons.   I march for them as well :


dang bro you are going through alot I hope you are ok

Youre very kind.  December last year:  not OK, broken completely
TODAY:  Very very OK

It's all about finding and nurturing hope, and that's something I was trying to share with my Quest.  (This BIG WALK).  Before:  I was leaning into my disease.  Now:  I'm leaning into my LIFE, my happiness, my cure.

And my awesome kids are a massive part of that :)  Thank you for your kindness, mate

no problem


this better be in fnf

btw you're more likely to get this as a mod of the game



ok but i just beat super mario world

Deleted post

Thats super kind of you mate, thank you


this looks great! Hope you’re doing okay man, have a good life!


your son draws hands better then me

also really hope this gets somewhat in fnf, as a mod or even a week in the original game. this is really sweet

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Wow, that's actually a pretty good-looking drawing ngl.


Thanks mate !  When I get my son from school today I'll show him these kind and generous comments, he's a very sweet kid, I think he'll be STOKED to see people saying nice things about his drawing :)     He normally never draws people, I was touched and amazed to find it on his desk.


mm yes my kind and generous comment about super mario world


please shut up liyomotter.


I'll try making a mod based on this, this is so cool and the drawing is very well made.

Haha !!! Mate !!! Sorry, I might cry .. oh let's be honest, crying a little bit.    Since chemoradiation I'm either more in touch with (or less in control of) my emotions, depending on how you look at life :D

Mad respect for modders, I'm a gamer myself (albeit a geriatric one), and modders have made some of the games I play phenomenal.  (Stuff like the Bethesda games are good examples where people make some amazing mods)

Mate if you do try this -- I wish I could reward you somehow, but COVID killed my travel insurance company, I was broke not just physically and spiritually but also financially .. but know .. my kids ... ahh jeez, they'd GO BESERK.  Good karma would follow your efforts, my friend :)

Below are some pictures to give you an idea of colours and whatnot - Sully didn't colour his picture, but below is what I look like when I'm out practicing for my BIG WALK.  Oh, and being chased by zombies .. just .. because :) :)


Gotta try making something based on this , especially after your heartwarming reply. Nothing guaranteed and progress will be slow but I'll try my best.


Sorry, I'm not the best artist (all i have's a mouse) but here's something I made

Mate !  That is wonderful, look at what a splash of colour can do :)    If you do play further with this, that's truly great, but please don't feel .. you know "on the hook" or anything because I've been so crazy enthusiastic about it, you know ?  A nice person will see that enthusiasm and it might make them feel somehow obligated to do it --- if it's hard, or you get bored, or ANY reason, stop, no worries.  There's that old saying "no good deed goes unpunished", but I believe in the opposite, we should NEVER discourage or punish kindness :D


No, don't worry, I've been wanting to make a fun mod lately anyway, this is a great idea and I support what you're doing too! Just don't expect way too much, but I'll try to deliver a fun and nice experience.

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To explain, this comment below was about an offensive joke made and deleted either by the user (which would be great, thank you for doing the right thing if you did) or moderation (in which case, thanks mods for protecting your community).  

Sorry mate, please remove this at your earliest convenience, it's not funny.  It's the kind of thing a jerk with nothing better to do would write because they think it's OK.  But it's not OK, you know ?  I'm not going to be drawn in or discuss it further, but if you have any kind of human ethics, I request you delete it immediately.  It's not OK.


Thank you, I appreciate it.

no problem

it is funny :troll:

lym you're such a shithead it's fucking insane

same goes for you

i deleted it cuz im nice im  a nice boy

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hi dat boi

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dude you're messed up for that


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very cool i hope this somewhat gets in the game as a secret week or a hidden song. i wish the best of luck to you!

Thank you mate, that's really kind of you - I'm massively grateful for everybody's kind comments !

Holy shit I love people that join and who are this nice! And outstanding drawing from your son, I love it.

Hey thank you - I've shown my little son some of these messages, including yours, and his face lit up like a christmas tree :D

but noah said a swear word

Haha, my friend here in Australia, the S-Word is considered an exclamation not a profanity :D  But you're right, good call

what did he think about my message

if this does get in fnf kids will say when seeing that news report "omg nostalgia i remember this guy from fnf"

Yeah but that's a consequence, great characters like Tricky, Hank or even Shaggy are assumed to be from FNF. I hope this great man is still known for who he is



bro i gotta make this a idle animation

wanna help out my project? im making a mod for this too