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Exits & Endings for Dialog

A topic by masterminer176 created Dec 31, 2017 Views: 839 Replies: 7
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I think it'd be neat if you could make it so a dialog could make an exit or ending on a conditional, like for example:

A bed
  - Fatigue <= 5 ?
    I should probably sleep now... {exitRoom:Sleeping 10,5}
  - else ?
    I don't feel tired yet.

Yes, I would love that feature. Also I would like a feature that activates or deactivates an exit depending on the user owning an item. For example an exit that goes inside a house could activate only if the user has a key in their inventory.



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I hacked a dialog exit function into my Midnight Jam entry. My function call format in dialog looks a lot like masterminer's example:

{exit "FrontDesk,8,3"}

In the editor, I noticed you have to put the exit call in the dialog box on the sprite panel, not in the separate dialog window. The dialog window re-parses the game data when you make changes, and unrecognized functions get stripped out and replaced with {}.

Here's the mod. It's pretty easy to bolt in.

I'd like to see conditionals on more elements in the engine, too. Maybe exits and sprites could follow the values of variables to decide whether they're active or visible.


I would second this too... that way the avatar can perish or complete the game depending on conditionals

I would like to have it, too!


Yeah that would be pretty helpful. I kinda managed to pull this off by coping and pasting the text from a sprite dialog to an ending but it only works with the first part.

For anyone interested in this, there is a collection of Bitsy hacks on GitHub that contain a hack to exit to another room from dialog and a hack to trigger an ending from dialog. Here it is.