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I had to use a external link for my game to work, is that ok?

A topic by Plife (KDM) created 54 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 2
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my submission to the weekly game jam week 228 was a multiplayer game, unfortunately itch doesn't natively allow players to copy/paste in html5 games, it is 2am at the time of submission so I just decided to upload to a external site and publish the game with a link to the site, is this allowed or will I be eliminated?


It's fine, don't worry!

HTML5 games should be supported on itch though, see here:

So if you're able to make it work at some point, you can update your page with a new HTML5 build (you're allowed to modify your game even after the deadline). But if it's easier for you it's ok to keep the external link.


Ah sorry, I didn't understand that it was just copy/paste that didn't work on itch.

In any case, if it works with an external link it's all good :)