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SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe

What happens when you mix SUPER HOT with Hotline Miami ? You get SUPERHOTline Miami ! · By Albatr

how do you make levels?

A topic by Chester899 created Mar 07, 2016 Views: 1,014 Replies: 5
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its says it there


Hey Chester899!

There are instructions showing you how you can make levels here:

It's really easy once you get the hang of it.


There's also a folder called Editor inside the downloadable versions that also contains the documentation and the required template.

thanks a lot!!

i know you said you wont update the game, but how does the idea of a RPG sound :)

just found you new game looks awesome cant wait to play it, btw you should really put Superhotline miami on steam i would pay moeny to play it


As much as I'd like to put SUPERHOTline Miami on Steam, I can't for obvious reasons, I'm not sure SUPERHOT Team and Dennaton would like that lol. And I can't and most importantly I don't want to ask money for that game.

BUT, I had a talk with Marek from SUPERHOT Team a short time after I released SUPERHOTline Miami, and he said they were ok if I made a full game using their time mechanic, the only condition to that is that I have to change the name, and don't use the graphics and sprites from SUPERHOTline Miami which are a little bit too close from the ones that SUPERHOT uses.

I was also told by the artist from Mother Russia Bleeds (the game looks awesome btw, you should check it out :) and it'll also be published by Devolver), that he showed the game to Dennis from Dennaton, and that he liked it, so I'm pretty confident on that side too. Although, the only aspects of my game that were taken from Hotline Miami are the top-down view, and the one bullet kill mechanic, I'm pretty sure a lot of other game are using these, so I think I'm good on a "legal" standpoint.

I don't know if SHOOTOUT Inc will be on Steam, to be honnest, I'm not sure of anything lol, we'll see how it turns out, I have to work on PR and marketing a lot, but I hate that. Anyway, more info are coming really soon because I'm working on making the game ready for a video game exhibition coming in a few months in France (and registrations are closing in like a week, better hurry), so yeah, there'll be a demo, though not sure if it'll be available publicly right away, we'll see. But you'll definitely be able to see some gameplay very soon (mostly stuff I have posted on twitter a while ago, along with newer things) :)

About the RPG, SUPERHOTline Miami doesn't handle explosions, simply because I haven't implemented such a feature in the game lol. SHOOTOUT Inc on the contrary has explosions, and a system that can add effects on weapons (you can't see that as a player, it's just a huge XML file where I can choose to add certain effects to weapons). That means I can make rocket launchers; fuck, I can even make a pistol that shoots bouncing explosive bullets if I want to.