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Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese

1,200 levels and hundreds of hidden bonuses in Bouapha's greatest adventure! · By Hamumu

The Wintery Base add on for SWC by Adasdweid Zudios (aged 15)

A topic by Food Eater created Dec 24, 2017 Views: 215
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Created by my 15 year old son.

Here is the link

Please feel free to comment or rate this World (or just say you've played it!) as he spent quite a lot of time on this, so did the rest of my family testing it.

To get this to work I think you need to copy the file into the Supreme Worlds folder. Go on FILE EXPLORER then LOCAL DISK then PROGRAM FILES (X86) then SUPREME folder then WORLDS folder (copy game add on file into this folder) and hopefully this new World should be on the SWC World menu.

Enjoy, Merry Christmas!!!