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New 2d pixel art adventure game! :)

A topic by Andrew Igumnov created Dec 22, 2017 Views: 179 Replies: 4
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Hi! My name is Andrew and I am creating 2d pixel-art game “Tales: Light Souls”. It’s a 2d adventure game, that tells you a story about “white” Girl in the “black” world.

Here's my game:

Glad to see everyone!

I need some feedback of it! So I'll be glad everyone to test my extraordinary game!

#pixelart #indie


Hi! Good luck with your game. Sounds interesting. Could you add a screenshot? Linking to the game page directly would help, too.

Ok. I did it. Thanks!) And here's my game:


Can you please add the link to the original post so it can be picked up for the topic list. Thanks

if I got right what you tell me, I did it.