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A first brainstorm

A topic by Chasing Carrots created Dec 20, 2017 Views: 251 Replies: 4
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Some of you might wonder: what’s the purpose of starting First Access without having anything ready to play?

As you can see from the outlook we have provided so far, we do have a vision of the core experience of GOOD COMPANY. But as you know, our intention is to invite you to shape the game with us, at a very early stage. Maybe we can even take the first useful suggestions into account before the a playable version is available.

So, scan our listed key features, screenshots as well as our first glimpse trailer, and scope your imagination. What would you expect from GOOD COMPANY, based on—or going beyond—what we have already outlined? What questions come to your mind? What would you like to do in a corporate machinery simulator?

Let your thoughts flow and share them with us here!


Hallo liebes Chasing Carrots Team,

ich verfolge mit Spannung die Entwicklung an diesem Spiel. Da ich Euren Stil sehr mag, bin ich bei diesem Spiel und der Grafik aus dem ersten Screenshot (Isometrische Ansicht) irgendwie hängen geblieben. Da ich noch nicht genau weiss wo es bei diesem Spiel hingeht, würde ich mir bisher nur eines von Euch wünschen:

Baut Witz und Spaß in das Spiel ein, nehmt es nicht zu ernst oder kompliziert. Ich stehe auf Spiele die sich selbst ein bisschen aufs Korn nehmen. Zum Beispiel wie das Bombenattentat bei AirlineTyccon oder die kotzenden Gäste bei RollercoasterTycoon.  Man merkt ich bin bei Spielen aus den 90ern hängengeblieben ;-) diese Spiele sind komplex genug um lange daran sitzen zu können, halten den Spielspaß aber oben weil es nicht immer zu Ernst ist! Geile Sprüche wie bei MonkeyIsland oder GrimFandango lassen ein Spiel lange unvergessen werden. Auch Euer Cosmonautica hat mir sehr viel spaß gemacht! Als vergleich zu einem weiteren witzigen Aufbauspiel: DungeonKeeper. Einfach bitte kein kurzweiliges Spiel, denn das ist was für Smartphones...

Doch noch eins: bleibt bitte weg von Ingame-Purchase, versaut Euch bitte das Spiel dadurch nicht, meinetwegen macht es lieber etwas teurer, das sind Eure Spiele wert! 

Grüße aus Ulm


Hi Roman,

vielen Dank für die lieben Worte! Ich glaube, ich spreche für alle Karotten, wenn ich sage, dass sich keines unserer Spiele je bitterernst nehmen wird. Ich denke, da können wir dich beruhigen. Spaß steht bei uns an vorderster Stelle und oft ist das Erste woran wir denken, wenn wir eine neue Idee haben: "Wie könnte uns das zum Lachen bringen."

Kurzweilig soll Good Company auch nicht werden. Das ist schon als stetig wachsendes Tycoon-mäßiges Spiel geplant. Da sind die alten Bullfrog-Titel schon ein guter Anhaltspunkt. Und auch was den finanziellen Teil anbetrifft sind wir eher von der alten Garde. Expansion-Packs wären denkbar, wenn das Basis-Spiel gut ankommt, aber da sind wir noch weit von entfernt.

Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart,



I have to say I do like that the inspirations come from old Bullfrog games, some challenge with great humor but never too hard as to catering only to the most hardcore of stats-nuts.

Something I've always liked is a clean interface. Games like Banished come to mind that allow you to control the layout of the UI at will, though it can be a bit too statistics driven. On the opposite side of that would be games that focus too much on making the UI look okay but it's not functional, such as Alpha Centauri. The ui of AC even in the 90s was a cluster of bars, graphs and information not immediately relevant to what I needed. A good clean interface example might be Game Dev Tycoon. It was simple, made sense and easy to use though the game itself was rather boring to be honest (typical mobile game on PC design I think).

Making the game with mod compatibility from the start is a must. Games like RImWorld have enjoyed a rich community of modders who have expanded the game so much, and even some of the mods were translated into full fledge features. Doing so may give you some insight into what players want without surveys or guess work as development progresses. If you make modding easy and installing mods straight forward (drop .zip file into Mod folder, prompt on game load if mod is out of date or not, otherwise note what mods are loaded, etc.) then folks of that community will truly embrace it. Could you imagine someone modding the game to make all robots into chickens and the entire game being transformed into a chicken genetics altering simulation with chickens made into giant war beasts and chickens being made to genetically alter other chickens? THAT would be funny and fun once the nostalgia of the vanilla game wears off. I'm sure others would have better ideas but you get my point.

Which brings me to my last bit about games I always replay, randomness of starting scene. One thing I like about RImWorld is that I don't have full control over the characters I make, they are mostly random. The world I choose, while I can pick a seed, is random. The location I start in, while from just a small handful of basic biomes, is random. The creatures that show up are random. The game is never too hard on the easy setting to make me put it down, but just enough of a challenge that building and expanding is not boring. A tycoon/business simulation of the same degree would be awesome.

Have a fun adventure creating your game, if you need some QA toss me a message!

Thanks for this input. It's very appreciated!

We are designing the game with modding support from the start. We are also talking about how to make modding easier for the community and what tools we can provide. Right now, our main focus is the core gameplay. We're not entirely there, yet (development-wise), but with every iteration the whole picture from the design gets clearer.

We are trying to have a minimal and clean UI. The player takes control of one character throuout the entire game. As such, it would seem odd to us to equip this character with an extensive HUD which makes the player virtually omnipresent. The focus is more on interactions with objects within the world - like a computer or a character - and leave repetitive tasks to NPCs. As a player you want to know how your company is doing. So things like reports, stats, or graphs would be available though reports other characters send you, or through some sort of automated report system (which you'd have to set up first, like everything else).

So yeah, as soon as we have something testable, we'll be looking for people ;)