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Our journey begins...

A topic by Chasing Carrots created Dec 20, 2017 Views: 329
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Welcome to our GOOD COMPANY community forum, it's great to have you here! In this post, we'd like to outline what we plan for the (near) future.

The Game
We are currently working on the first playable version of GOOD COMPANY. It will focus on a few important basic features, which let you:

  • create and customize your character
  • establish simple production chains
  • buy components
  • set up workstations
  • build and sell robots
  • hire workers and assign them to production chains
  • play with friends (with a manual setup like port forwarding)

These features will come in a limited variety, due to the early stage of development. Since it is very important for us to deliver a stable and fun playing experience right from the start, we don't want to push things. That's why we still need to narrow down an ETA for the first version. We will announce it here, as soon as possible.

Our Dialogue
The game page offers several links to get in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to share anything that comes to your mind about GOOD COMPANY: ideas and inspiration, questions and requests or, later on, bug reports.

Additionally, we’re going to invite you to join a Discord channel to chat with us, as soon as this form of exchange makes sense. Until then, this forum might be the best way to elaborate topics about the game.

Your Support
We chose First Access for GOOD COMPANY on, because we appreciate its passionate members, players and developers alike. Such a strong community is the best partner to bring the game to life. We hope that many people will be eager to share feedback for GOOD COMPANY, and some of you might even want to support us financially, at this early stage. Both will be highly appreciated!

We are going to offer backers some great treats, ranging from exclusive merchandise to providing cosmetic content. The final game, however, will be the same for everyone who owns GOOD COMPANY, of course. Once we have pinned down the tiers, we will add them to the game page.

That’s it, for now. We’re looking forward to an amazing journey to make GOOD COMPANY a unique game, together with you!

Your Chasing Carrots