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Launch your spider drone at walls, ceilings, and enemy heads in this shooter where "move" and "attack" are synonymous. · By Evan Todd

Will it be Free to Play???

A topic by Zattack0116 created Dec 19, 2017 Views: 697 Replies: 13
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i cant buy anything so i'm just wondering.

i just read the creators reply again and noticed it will me a free public demo so yeah no point in this post anymore


Yeah the demo will be free during the Kickstarter! After that it'll be $20 USD.

ok when im old enough and get 20 bucks ill buy it and i wanna donate when im old enough too i like the design and i like the fact you have a spider drone im arachnophobic so it kinda helps me out when dealing with fears so im an immediate fan of this game and i wanna support it when im old enough

if im lucky and the kickstarters sill up ill donate thats what i meant by ill donate when im old enough


Spiders arent that scary!


lol...didnt see that...


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Some stuff said on the discord about this:


Turns out I can't finish the game as originally intended for a number of reasons technological and practical. This is entirely a failing on my part. The good news is, the multiplayer is basically done, so I'm currently polishing it up and finishing it. The bad news is, no one pays for indie multiplayer-only games unless you're Towerfall. The good news is that, because of that, I'm planning to release the game for free and public domain. Look for a release very soon. 

wow thats good news

also im back after like a year

the last second of that spider gif is the camera man being mauled to death by a spider

wait did i say thats nice news

oh god no oops well sorry todd didnt mean it lol, its bad that u wont get money for the awesome game, but hey, atleast it will get publicity over money, as some people, (such as me) cant afford anything (im not broke dont worry) over like 5 bucks, so hey, atleast that's gonna happen (hopefully)