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manual HSV number entry

A topic by helado de brownie created Dec 17, 2017 Views: 79 Replies: 1
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i really like the new color dialog! it's a lot more convenient having it all in one form rather than with separate dialogs, plus i like the color picker.

it reminded me of a feature i would like: the ability to hand-tweak exact Hue/Saturation/Value numbers (the actual numbers, versus purely visual continuum/sliders). currently on the bitsy vignettes i'm working on, i'm making up the palettes by having another program open and finding exact HSV triples in that, but it'd be nice if that were in the bitsy color dialog.

that said, this new color dialog is pretty ideal. thanks for this great tool and the improvements you're making to it!

now that i've thought about this some more, maybe it does make sense to use an application outside of bitsy for this? for example idk if a whole color scheme generator would be within the scope of bitsy, but that would be something one might want to use alongside bitsy also. so… i guess i kinda both retract it as a request and leave it as a suggestion.