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So, how exactly do you cum in a VR game, anyway?

A topic by NotMe13 created Nov 09, 2021 Views: 2,238 Replies: 6
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Like, outside of VR, you just shoot into a tissue or whatever. What am I supposed to with VR games? It's not like I can hold a tissue in one hand and hope I aim well with the other. What if I don't want to cum on my floor or walls?


Excellent question! I'm curious what other fans do, as well!
Suggestions from us are t-shirts, socks, a towel!

Have fun!!

I was thinking some sort of tarp that surrounds you and you stand on, eliminating the need to aim. A large tarp that is disposable and environment friendly, so there's no need to risk cleaning it only partially. Does that kind of tarp exist?


I suppose a layer of newspaper or paper bags could acheive the same result? Newspaper could even fit in with the puppy play kink :)

Toys!  Fleshlight etc.

You could dress your VR room like a murder room like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and cover all your furniture in plastic for easy clean up. Or just a towel or two would work.


The ideas people have shared are pretty fun! I hope others will share too!