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[Manager] [Writer] [Proofreader] [Editor] [Paid] [Rev Share] looking for work (erotic / non-erotic).

A topic by KasamiHan created 79 days ago Views: 566 Replies: 10
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Hey Devs, hope you all doing great.

Hello! I'm a writer, proofreader, editor and manager looking for a project to join, money isn't actually necessary for me but I'm strong in doing all these which matter are creating & fleshing out characters and the story line along with dialogue. I'd be particularly interested in working for a Visual Novel or whatever you got since my main passions lies there. Looking for something to work on, and I'd love to help you polish your game, comic, or whatever you wish me to.

As the title says, I'm on a down to expand my skill and would be down to write and proofread almost anything and any genre for your game. Either way, if you ever need a hand with these tasks, let me know! Lastly I shouldn't forget to mention, my rates are cheap hehe. I can work on both erotic (which are 18+) and non-erotic stories.

I can assure you few thing before I offer you my way. I'm ready to work on for any genres, will give the rough outline of the story, will provide the finest story/plot before implementing the dialogues, can be more reliable, I'm not arrogant until things goes extremely wrong within both side of the team, talk-friendly, assistance worker, can produce maximum number of ideas and changelog/feedbacks on how and what we can improve. Also the last to mention, I can definitely help and give ideas except the artistic stuff. (BONUS: I've 4 years of discord experience with 1 year of being Community Manager.)

For longer projects, I don’t quote by the hour. a) it’s incredibly hard to predict how long this kind of creative work takes, and b) lots of my time is spent thinking, analysing and appraising alternative approaches — I’m not just charging for the time I spend physically writing.

You can contact me through my discord. 



Have a good day dev, cheers :)


Hmm.... I might be interested in getting you for my project but I have some questions & things to discuss about it.

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Sure, you can add me on discord or tell me what's your discord?


Its Vincent89#9986

I added you on Discord. :)



Hey there, I'm open to talk about my project if you wanna add me on Discord Harlock#0009

Added you! :)

Heya! We're looking for writers to add to our project, Date 8. Would you be interested in writing for a comedic adventure game?

Hello, let's take this to DM on Discord.


Awesome~ Expect a message from us today!