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full force (online space shooter game and with a big map)

A topic by olinguito created Dec 15, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 6
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so i have been working on a new game! but it's multiplayer!

(i may spell wrong here and there but just tell me if i have)

What is this game about?

it's about you that is in a universe with random generated planets(the position not the planet planet).

and you should fight the other players so you will get points to later upgrade your ship.(that's the plan)

The plan for the game?

well the plan is that the game will have a server off 20 players each and it will have local multiplayer too

and that you will be able upgrade your ship by killing other player and getting points.

the thing is that i don't know if the game will be free or payed.

Free or payed?

this is the issue if we whant to have more player running at the same time i have to get money to do that.

but i whant the game to be free. then you may think that this game will have microtransactions but NO! it wont no microtransactions.

so about that well se.

Thank you for reading! If you wonder something youst ask!

The shot devlog notes:

allot work to improve performance and bug fixes and also some fixes with client to network. New death screennew ship.

Longer devlog notes

Death screen:

So when you die you can respawn so that the game dont shutdown when you kill the host

Bug fixes:

Nothing big


Now every thing that should be spawn for every one now dose that.


Bullets now go faster

Change some collors


Death screen

Ship look 

And max speed on the ship

Can you share to us some images or visuals ?

mabey later but right now its kinda a horibbel mess with the grapics

but visuals.

Plans for 2018!

private beta testing:

i will have a private beta testing with one full server so that is 18 people.


YOU shall be the first to hit 20 kills!

a solar system consept art (by: me)

(i am not good at panting)

Azul wai is the first system in the game (not relly in the game will tho)

azul wai has one planet and its a water planet.

more info comming later.

sorry for bad english is you find an type error plz report it to me

bug fixes