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Get Me Out! The GMO of battle arena is now available and free!

A topic by Phaethon Games created Dec 15, 2017 Views: 208
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After lots of debugging, tons of Murphy's law events  and a few gallons of coffee  : We are proud to release our first game:

Up to 3V3 players fight waves of monsters for survival in a crazy arena. Unleash fury on the enemy team by capturing key spots like the Outpost or the Jungle Camps, get the favor of the public by completing quests and much more… Hold the monsters off longer than the enemy team to win the game.

Have fun & tell us what do you think of it! 

The battles in the Arena are here to settle conflicts between 2 kingdoms which have been fighting for ages. Kristamerah's empire and the archipelago of Hi’omatie fought each other for many years until their modern kings decided to choose a peaceful (and more entertaining) solution to their disagreements. So they made the Battle Arena and they sent their best champions to fight for their kings.

Here is the link to our page :

You can find more info on our website and on our social networks as well: