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Prank Masters

A romantic comedy otome visual novel where you play as a heroine prankster. · By Lockvia Studios

I don't know what tag this should be

A topic by pandagurlaay created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 254 Replies: 1
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I would just email you guys about this but since you never responded to an email I sent months ago even though it was friendly and unrelated, I'm going to need to make this a topic. When I bought your game earlier in the year I was under the impression that it was a completed game. On the game page it gives no indicator that it isn't completed. I would have needed to read the community topics and look everywhere else to see it isn't completed. I really liked the demo and decided I wanted the full game. When I realized it wasn't completed, I decided that it was okay because you guys made it seem like you would be releasing another route soon and would be finishing the game soon after. However, it has been months with little updates about the game and only vague responses about the finish dates. The last time you said anything, you said "hopefully" Dec 2017. Well it is already December 2017. It is December 14. Half the month is over and you've said nothing since October. You've been saying you are going to release the game for over a year now. You have been working on this game from years. I understand games can take a long time to make but the time you've been working on this without a firm release date is ridiculous. I know you've said there have been problems here and there and I have tried really hard to be patient. But you have already released a random unanounced free game and have announced you are hiring and starting work on another project without your original project even being completed. You shouldn't even release a "beta" version of the game for $14.99 if you don't have a good estimate of when you will be finishing the game. I could use $14.99 for a lot of other things. I would really like my money back, although I doubt that is even possible now. I'm not trying to be mean, I swear. I'm just not a rich person and if I can't get what I paid for in a reasonable amount of time, I can't continue to be patient knowing I paid $14.99 for 1 route when there were supposed to be 3 at least and other stuff  included. You should post a disclaimer on the top of your page saying that $14.99 gets you the game on release but it has not been fully released yet instead of advertising it as the full game.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi pandagurlaay,

Thank you for writing to us. We always do our best to reply to our emails. Which month did you send the email? Because I just checked our emails and we haven't been receiving any email regarding to Prank Masters since August. 

We really did seriously want to finish the game in December 2017. Our team had some unexpected issues and had to take a break before coming back to work on Prank Masters (I, myself, had to do a 9-week work placement to finish off my university degree).

And to answer your question: why Voiceful was released before Prank Masters? It's because the art was completed and since I was waiting for the other team members to recover, I figured I should do something with my time. We hired writers for Maid for You as early as now because we didn't want to repeat the same delays we had for Prank Masters.

We'll definitely put a disclaimer or label to say that the game is incomplete for the time being. Please send an email to if you still want a refund. 

Thank you for your feedback!


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