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[18+] Infernus: The Descent

A topic by Team Infernus created Dec 11, 2017 Views: 1,493
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Hi everyone!

We made an 18+ game for Ludum Dare 40 and are going to keep working on it, so we decided to post it here. 

Infernus: The Descent is an erotic RPG where you play as a succubus and fight your way through the ranks of Hell. The game has three major settings: 

  • The Nine Hells, where you fight your way through hordes of demons and seduce them after defeating them in order to harvest their energy.
  • The Mortal Realm, where you lure unsuspecting humans into your lustful embrace and steal their souls. [A work in progress!]
  • Your own personal mansion on a sub-plane of Hell,  where you invest the souls and energy you've collected into customizing and improving your house until it becomes the most powerful house in Hell.

This is the secretary, one of many characters in your house that you can develop a relationship with.

This and other uncensored scenes are already in game, and more are on the way!