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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Big convoys (60+) are always doomed, there needs to be an option to selectively get rid of followers

A topic by Janosch92 created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 461 Replies: 8
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As you proceed and your convoy grows (which is essential for some events and for you to get better cards) you will really soon reach a point where the food upkeep for traveling gets so heigh that you can't make it up, even with getting food in every single encounter (which is highly unlikely). For the three sectors that exist until now this isn't a major problem because you still can reach the end before food runs out, but as the game will get bigger you should consider adjusting the amount of food you will get from stronger opponents or/and add some possibilities to selectively dump the trash-followers you will eventually pick up. For now all the options to get rid of followers seem to kill of random followers (even when selling to the slavers, which seems illogical at least there the player should get to choose which ones to sell). Maybe you could add an option to leave some people at milestones or villages or create random events which will give the player a choice to leave a few people (maybe for good, like to help someone out, you could give a choice between  some random "volunteers" sth. like: pick 3 out of 6, it would be the opposite process of recruiting followers).
Imo the disability to shrink your convoy in a controlled manner really interferes with the main and best feature of the game, the deckbuilding element.

As far as I know.... big convoys require the exact same amount of food to walk around, than small convoys.    I've noticed no difference.   I run around with 100+ followers in my convoy and its all the same.

Food usage seems to go up slightly on each new map, but you also get more food.

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Yeah, I get where you're coming from. In fact Janosch is right: There's a slight increase in cost for more followers, which is sort of weighing against having more people in your convoy, while narratively you would want to have as many followers as possible.

I still plan to revisit the entire food/hope economy and rebalance it. I might just take out the increased travel costs then. 

The ability to sacrifice/spend/lose specific followers you suggested is cool and theoretically possible but it's a huge feature at this point so it's just not going to happen. I'm trying to focus on polishing what I have instead of adding more. There's already more than enough to do.

However I've got something like that built for the event system though: it sometimes picks specific followers that you can then "gamble" on options. However that's on a very small scale and not really able to solve this problem.

I'll think on it.

Actually I like the idea of the negative aspects for big convoys like the increased upkeep, I just wanted to point out that it is near impossible to keep a convoy over a certain (very limiting) size rolling and this might need some balancing especially when you'll add the next sector ;)

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On one hand it makes a lot of sense, on the other hand it's crap considering you don't have a lot of control over your collection and you'll end up frustrated if you have to feed some boring ass common followers you never want to use.

If you could get rid of followers that would probably be less of an issue but I'm not sure I want the player to. It's so very counter to the theme of the game.

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Oooh  i was wrong.    

I don't like the idea of having to pay more food to move around, even if it makes sense since there are more mouths to feed.   Getting rid of followers would be nice, since you don't have much control about who joins.  You just kinda say "yes" to followers wanting to join, and only afterward do you find out what those followers actually are.

(But really, convoys of 60+ are not at all "doomed".  I always finish with more than that.)

Remember, Inkie, you're not the default user - far from it ;)

Of course you are able to finish, even with 100+ followers because you can hoard it during the first two sectors, but you will have noticed that your food stock will decline towards the end, because it's not possible to keep it up with the food you get as loot. It's disproportional.

As a small note, I've removed follower-count dependent food costs.