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ddlc is very triggering. please take warnings seriously.

A topic by renplaysllsif created 75 days ago Views: 1,161 Replies: 2
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after playing ddlc, i had the worst anxiety attack ive ever had in my lifetime, and it was paired with dissociation and hallucinations. ive been shakey and anxious for almost 24 hours now. i had to shred all of the ddlc files on my pc because of anxiety. you also shouldnt play this game if youre a hypochondriac (which i am) as alot of the characters have severe mental health issues, and so you may begin to panic about going insane. ddlc is now an anxiety/dissociation trigger for me. however i cant say the game wasnt amazing, its just hard for me to talk about ddlc without panicking or getting paranoid. i can only talk about the game for a certain period of time before i get overly stimulated and have a full blown panic attack or dissociation episode. this isnt hate towards the game, i thought it was amazing and the writing was genious. i wasnt really anxious playing the game. however the post-gameplay effects are overwhelming and are morbidly terrifying and traumatizing. all i can ask is to add more warnings like dissociation warnings, hypochondria warnings, and hallucination warnings. (btw i know this is my fault because i didnt take the warning seriously, however i didnt feel the need to because i havent been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, or depression. i do have anxiety more frequently than the average person, but i didnt think the game was going to get to me like it did.)


thanks for sharing dude. i have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and DID, so that warning is very helpful. i am going to play the game tho.

glad i could help! id also like to note that i dont have DID and so it was my first time dissociating. most people only dissociate once in their life and since that game was what triggered it i stress the warning even more for people with DID. i hope you dont have the experience i had.