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[all] Known issues

A topic by procedural created 78 days ago Views: 151
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Developer (Edited 23 times)


  • Text is selected when scrollbars are dragged with left mouse button. Maybe TextEditor's issue, maybe an issue in Dear ImGui version lib0 engine uses. Worth looking up if it'll get too annoying.
  • For a one letter variable introduced on the current line, Clang for some unknown reason lists it in autocomplete as if it exists somewhere else already.
  • Undo is not saved between recompiles. Serialize https://github.com/lib0-engine/ImGuiColorTextEdit/blob/4e6b51a/TextEditor.h#L291...


  • `TextEditor.cpp:209:32: error: use of undeclared identifier 'floor'` compile time error. Should be fixed in v2.3 or manually by adding `#include <cmath>` line at the top of TextEditor.cpp. If any of this won't help let me know!
  • GLX returns 0 framebuffers. Turns out Nvidia GPUs may not have framebuffers with MSAA samples available. Fixed in v2.4 by turning MSAA off by default.
  • SIGSEGV on Arch Linux is fixed in v3.
  • Mesa's black screen bug on some desktop environments.