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Tying Time to Completion to Task Timers

A topic by Neverdusk created 96 days ago Views: 58
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After watching the video introducing the 0.8 alpha, I think it would be a great idea if the Stat Screen utilized timers attached to Checkbox and Numbered tasks to measure the "time to completion". 

For the current implementation, all tasks seem to be assigned a single Time Estimation that assumes every task takes equally as long as every other. However, that might not be the case for most projects.

On the other side, if I attach a Checkbox to a Timer and set that timer to, say, 3 hours - then it would be safe to assume that Checkbox should take an estimate of 3 hours. Moreover, if I attach a Numbered task to a Timer and set that timer to one hour, then the Stat Screen's time to completion can assume this Numbered task takes one hour. 

Perhaps a balance might be to keep the current system but have Timers override the default Time Estimation. So if I set the Stat Screen's Time Estimation to 1 hour, that "1 hour" will only apply to tasks that don't have timers attached.

I realize this might take some work to implement, especially since Checkboxes and Numbered tasks can be attached to multiple Timers. Potentially, a rule can be established to keep everything in order, e.g.: only the first timer attached to a Checkbox counts, or something like that. There might be way better ways to achieve something like this, but I wanted to put forward my thoughts on this for now.