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Visual planning ideaboard, by indie devs, for indie devs and creatives · By SolarLune

Minor changes I'd love

A topic by pissshark created 98 days ago Views: 137 Replies: 1
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First of all, great program! I've tried many list-type organisational tools, but i don't think i've taken to one as quickly as i have with this.

Here's some changes that would make it basically perfect for me.

1. A popup message that appears every time a project saves/autosave! I'd love this just cuz i'm really paranoid about these kinds of things and usually end up spending like 2 minutes just jamming ctrl+s if i don't see one of these lmao

2.  It would be dope if the abandon project window showed you a timestamp of the last time you saved/autosaved

3. Please please pleaseeee let me resize the task windows i want Big Task

thank you so much!!!!

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Sorry i lied here's a couple more things

- Being able to paste images from clipboard would be great

- A tagging system for individual tasks!! Even better if you could do stuff like set commands to display/hide all tasks listed w certain tags, or have tasks be coloured differently based on the tags they have. I'd love to be able to sort tasks while still having them be on the same board.

- If i could insert 90 degree bends on lines that would also be great