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Explanation on how the crypto-currency system works Sticky

A topic by ForestSiegeDev created Dec 05, 2017 Views: 422
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When checking reddit, i noticed users are hitting the downvote button pretty hard due to the rumor of Forest Siege using mining software for the coins, Forest Siege never has and never will integrate mining software. The coins are provided by their respective development teams, the reason this is profitable and economically sound is because all coins supported in Forest Siege are PoS enabled, meaning i receive stakes/mints on said coins, i do not PoW mine coins using any gamer's system and you may check your CPU usage for proof, if CPU usage is high, you're likely on high graphical settings or have a lower-spec system than what FS runs at it's best on.

If this isn't enough information for you to believe i do not use mining software in my game, you're free to comment in this thread, or contact me via other alternatives and ask for more information, i will gladly answer any and all questions in the most detail possible.

Have a great day, signing out! -Loopy