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Review Page Sticky

A topic by superskyphoenix03 created Feb 25, 2016 Views: 203 Replies: 2
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Post here for a review


This... just.... wow....

1. What is the purpose of this game? It seems like there is none.
2. What are the controls? Every button I press does the same exact thing except for the arrow keys.
3. What are you supposed to do? Maybe add some instructions.
4. The battles... the only thing that is useful is the chop. Everything else does nothing... so why have them?

There's just.... SO much wrong with this game... it honestly makes me wonder if it was created as a joke.... no offense.


Thank you for the post. I will be adding everything you say in there. i'm freely open to recommendations. The arrow keys are the only controls for now, I will be adding more for the next update. This is only a tech demo/beta. I will add some cut scenes w/ instructions. and character cut scenes. Thank you for letting me know about the moves I will also fix them.