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[Python] [Programmer] Looking for someone willing to review and improve a modding framework for an idle.

A topic by prestosilver created Oct 05, 2021 Views: 116 Replies: 1
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Ive been working on this proceduraly generated Incremental game, had the idea to implement mods to it. Ive been working on a framework using iron python to allow people to write mods for it. But I am at a standstill deciding what parts of the game I need to expose to the python engine.

you can see the current game on My Itch currently the windows and linux builds are private, dm me on discord if you would like to try this out.

my discord is prestosilver#2305, i would prefer to communicate through it.

edit: Ive finished the modding framework, now looking for people willing to test

just realized i never specified which game it is, its the one titled Infinite Progression.

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