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question from previous supporters

A topic by C64Fan created Nov 30, 2017 Views: 235 Replies: 1
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hi, i previously purchased this game both on steam and indiegamestand (closed down!) last year. I only had time to play and complete the first few levels. As I imagine WILL be around and I wish to not play via steam for multiple reasons (high cpu usage for this game etc) + I play on linux + my old version of Spectrubes in out-of-date with a built in dependency ;/, I am hoping not to purchase for a 3rd time and perhaps get a copy, if not it added to my library? Yea, it's 1.99 but I already paid twice and it kind of bugs me that the linux version will not work anymore as is. I am not even sure why there was a dependency for this game in the first place?? It is shooting a "" error saying its missing, yet the lib file is present along with the newer 1.1. I can only assume this is a dependency built-in an old version and error due to the prior version of the Spectrubes package build?

Would appreciate. I have the packages as well as a windows exe i could simply run in linux under WINE but I really simply want a native linux version to play. Please let me know. PS. I do not have a twitter and social media account and saw no means to email here or a quick look via other sites. MY old version was spectrubes-1.0-1. Hoping to get your v1.2 with update/fix. Thanks!


Hi, C64Fan!

I'm happy to communicate with you! I don't know, why previous version doesn't work, i have tested it. New version had been compile with new compilator, so, i think, it might be work.

If you want get copy, please, write me on e-mail: I can't give it right here

Thanks for playing in Spectrubes!