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Ailing Space

Ailing Space is a text based MMO game with a persistent and procedurally generated universe. · By Ex Abrupto, RadicalFiction, LostTrainDude

I like the main concept of this game.

A topic by Larwin created Oct 01, 2021 Views: 42 Replies: 1
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Seems to need more people to actually play it or more newsfeed to let me know there's other's around. I been playing off and on for a few months and it feels a little too quiet on the newsfeed in the game. I enjoy growing my empire of systems but feel I need more interactions or things to keep me engaged. space exploration of this type seems to be a game i like but feels to quiet for multiplayer game. maybe if there was some events announced to get people playing that would help the game. maybe it's too soon or just not ready for more community. I like maybe see a little more action besides news that someone took over a system. just something to make me feel like other people are still around.

maybe a notification when new things happen or if someone logs in or more than just me influencing a new star system.