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Mind the Vikings

Enter a quirky town building game about some unruly vikings · By idyl

The game is very good. / Esse jogo é muito bom.

A topic by AlfineteVoador created Nov 29, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 3
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I really enjoyed this game, I recorded a video too, but it's in Portuguese.

Eu realmente gostei muito desse jogo, eu gravei um vídeo também, mas ele esta em português.

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Oooh! awesome :D Im glad you liked it, even if i saw that there was a couple bugs ;)


If you want to be notified once we have more content i recommend joining our discord, that way i can also give you a free key when we start charging money for the game :)


I'm very excited about this game, I want to keep up with all the updates!

Many of my friends also liked it and are downloading the game.

Nice job.