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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Some Suggestions

A topic by Sophie Houlden created Nov 27, 2017 Views: 658 Replies: 7
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just some random thoughts I've had whilst poking around :)

  • conditionals/scripting in the endings just like in dialogue
  • be able to do things from dialogue like
    • travel to a place, eg {goto{roomname{x,y}}
    • swap a sprite to something else, eg  {changespr{oldspr,newspr}}
    • move a sprite or make it vanish (like a gatekeeper?)
    • move the player avatar?
    • dialogue choices maybe? (might be too fancy I dunno)
    • trigger an ending?
  • be able to rearrange tile order in the find drawing window
  • support for more non-English characters? (minor for me since I only really use Esperanto specific ones (ĉĝĥĵŝŭ/ĈĜĤĴŜŬ) and it’s common to throw Xs in to indicate them, but probably a bigger deal for folk wanting to make games in more common languages or display names with accents)
  • copy/paste support for paint window (so you can copy to an existing tile rather than make a new clone of one - useful for when you want to modify tiles that have already been placed on a map)
  • also ability to flip/rotate/translate whatever you’re painting (would be great for doing tile work)
  • the ‘for all rooms’ button seems weird, maybe name it ‘copy to all rooms’ or make it a toogle? tbh I’m not sure why a tile can be solid one room but not another, wouldn’t it be fine to have two identicle tiles and one not be solid? seems like wanting varying solidness would be pretty uncommon?
  • maybe don’t make the colors window visible by default? - I first thought it was an awkward/buggy colour selector for the paint window before I realised all pixels are just a toggle on/off
  • be able to change avatar, eg have ‘character’ and ‘character with sword’ avatars and be able to change them through dialogue when picking up a sword item (or giving it away)
  • be able to drag dialogue components (dialogue, conditionals,lists) around inside the window to re-order them

overall tho bitsy is wonderful already, I love it! Stuff like this would just be a cherry on top for me :)


hi Sophie, thanks for the really thoughtful feedback! these are all really great ideas, so thanks for taking the time to write them up. the wall thing is definitely a little detail that's been bugging me for a while...

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I just want to 'me too' on all of Sophie's suggestions... with these, Bitsy could be a new ZZT.

Another suggestion: a dialog command to change the palette to another named palette {palette{bigred}}

Of all the features suggested, the ability for a sprite's instance to remove itself from the board would be ideal... a `{die}` command or something.

  • also ability to flip/rotate/translate whatever you’re painting (would be great for doing tile work)

^ This would be great. I just started playing around w/ Bitsy this evening and am currently looking at creating another 15-20 tiles which are just mirrors/rotations of tiles that I've already made. :/

This is what I get for trying to make my first room an overhead view with proper perspective, though...

"move a sprite or make it vanish (like a gatekeeper?)"

Yes please!

que les sprire soi de couleur different pourait ajouter au jeu 

une la place davoir une couleur pour tous les spirite et avatar dans longlet palette 

quand on creerai un nouveau sprite on aurait une icone  couleur quon pourair laisser par defaut ou modifier 

ce serait bien quand on as un jeu avec plusieur spirite identique 

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et quand on veut jouer sur notre cellulaire ce serait bien de créer des touches flecher virtuel 

I came here to suggest the flip / rotate option as well. Would be a great help :)

Also having the walls as a separate layer might be more handy than having inherent wall property in a tile.