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Eli - Popularity & Power

A topic by Jerome Games created Nov 26, 2017 Views: 76
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Popularity and power - we all want it! But where does it come from? What is it? Play as Eli in this game that let you explore power and influence people. Play on the fiercest proving ground created by mankind: primary school.

Eli's project page

The game mechanics is based around relation building, visualized as a top-down network, resulting in a networking adventure game.

On a personal note I am happy with the save-system, how it allows jumping back to earlier branches, and how that works with the exploration of the situations.

In short, we think 'Eli' provides a great take on everyday power between individuals, with some neat game mechanics you just might not have seen before.

Eli was selected at the IndieCade 2017 festival in Los Angeles. We got a lot of good feedback. And a lot of constructive feedback - and I have included pretty much all of it in this latest version! The audience at IndieCade is super - well articulated and very precise feedback! Big thanks everyone :-)