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No big spoiler Review? (and being stuck)

A topic by Numbers66 created Sep 22, 2021 Views: 688
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We Play on ver

Story is pretty good, can basically go through without doing too many of the scenes, most is optional and there is ways around certain scenes. We think we finished the current build though after doing everything we were told, all but one quest is done, the frog will not except any offering, the frog teeth, hair and troll head (they were so hard to get) all does nothing, after doing all the quests, we only had the hair and head left as 'quest items' and not really sure what to do with them at this time.

For the optional stuff... the scenes seem to be easy to get however we seem to not be able to get the 'kidnapped' or the the 3rd characters set of scenes as, for what we know... according to the scenes page, we cant seem to save them, they keep asking us to slay them no matter what choice we pick before the fight.

We Currently.. :
Have a bugged quest, the frog shrine, no matter what we offer the shrine does not react.
Have some scenes that wont trigger or not sure how to trigger, the 'kidnap' scenes.
and all of the 3rd characters scenes are locked out due to us not being able to save them.

Other than the bugs we completed the current build twice, the first as the main fighter and the other as the charm to get the scenes. we are unable to 100% this current build due to these small issues. They seem to be fixed on the later versions as far as what's being said here.