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Amplitude is a story-centric visual novel, will you uncover the mystery or will you take more than you bargained for? · By CeylonEntertainment

About the trigger warnings.

A topic by MegaDissu created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 503 Replies: 2
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First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for having trigger warnings at the very front of your game. It's such a simple thing to do, but so many game devs as well as other types of creators chose not to give any at all. 

I also wanted to ask a few questions about the rape trigger specifically. How explicit is the attempt? Do we see it happen, or is it something that's talked about as having happened in the past (whether that past be as close as yesterday or as far as 20 years)? Does it happen to someone we know? To someone we love? To us? And do we know the perpatraitor as well? Is it something that only happens in a specific story branch, or will it always happen no matter what choices we make? I assume since the warning is in the demo itself it's fully possible it occurs right away as part of the common route. 

Anyway, I appreciate any info you can give me!


It happens in Katy's common route and you can see it in the demo, we see it attempted but nothing too explicit it can also be interpreted as police violence, so yes a cop that we never known before is the culprit. Hope this clarify things

Ah, I see! Thank you very much for clearing that up. Now I know I can safely buy and pay the game! (Once my paycheck for the month comes in haha)