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Ideas for combat for PROLE

A topic by Joshua.Lutz created 76 days ago Views: 63 Replies: 2
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I'm trying to think of a good system for combat for PROLE. I've come up with 2 (haven't playtested yet) ideas that involve saves based on the character's armor.

I was thinking for each PC they'd have ~4 HP, and their armor class is based on what kind of armor they have. No armor means no saves, God armor means like... IDK 50 saves? So here's my thought;

1) When an NPC or PC wants to attack they flip a coin to see if they hit.
2) If the NPC or PC hits they then begin to see if they wound
3) they flip a coin x amount of times where x is equal to their AC
4) If the character being attacked fails half of their saves rounded down they get a wound.
- A character with 2 AC fails 1, they get a wound
- A character with 3 AC fails 1, they don't get a wound

As I'm writing this I realize this wouldn't change the odds very much. If you have 50 saves the likelihood hood you flip tails is actually greater than if you just flipped once. Maybe if AC was reversed from the regular DnD 5e system. A character with AC 5 would be more likely to get a wound than a character with 2 AC etc. Maybe with this "reversed AC system" a character can get wounded multiple times based on how many flips they fail.

1) When an NPC or PC wants to attack they flip a coin to see if they hit.
2) If the NPC or PC hits they then begin to see how many wounds they deal. 
3) the one being attacked makes saves equal to their AC.
4) However many fails they make is how many wounds they receive.

Under THIS system the HP would have to be balanced with the AC in a way that was good. Would take quite a bit of tweaking or fudging during play.

I really dig the simplicity of PROLE and I think this system may lend itself to the existing rules.
If you have any comments or ideas, I would love to hear them! 

Combat also doesn’t have to be so structured if you aren’t trying to make a combat strategy game. You could go more of a narrative combat route or…

You could simplify combat into clashes where a coin is flipped for each turn, heads you deal a wound, tails you receive a wound. This keeps combat fast paced, deadly and simple. (I’m using a similar setup for the future LITE version of the system I’m developing.

This is helpful! My 5e dnd tendencies are showing. I like your suggestion of clashes, I'll try that out when /if the characters get into combat.