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Great game!

A topic by farsidevirtual created Sep 15, 2021 Views: 55 Replies: 1
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This game has fantastic potential. Its core mechanics remind me of some weird hybrid of Crazy Taxi and Papers Please. I think the core idea, which is to ferry people around a strange, uncanny Eastern European rural city, is a great idea and a fairly unique setting. 

The game excels in providing a good atmosphere. The mix of the radio, dimly-lit roads, unpredictable traffic and unusual environment design works very well. I can absolutely see this being appealing as an environment to drive around and explore in tandem with operating the cab.  I love that you've put effort into adding a little bit of flavour with the IDs, the random phone calls, and the bizarre character face textures. The game environment is very memorable: it would be amazing to see more fleshed-out urban areas and landmarks for some visual identity.  

As it stands, the gameplay remains pretty simple: at this point it's an A to B situation whilst trying not to crash, atop a larger points-based system that could be fleshed out down the track. I think some improvements could be better pickup/destination mechanics and mapping so that the player has a better sense of location and direction instead of haphazardly just stumbling across whoever and going wherever. 

I did a playthrough below:

This has enormous potential - I think that as a prototype you've clearly set a bold direction for where you want this game to go, and with some further development and polish this really could be quite a fully-fledged, enjoyable game experience. Can't wait to see where you take it! 



Thanks a bunch for trying it out! your gameplay is rather useful as it helps me figure out how new people play my game (in fact I just realized that only one song plays on the radio lol). As for your input I think you make a lot of great points, landmarks have been an idea I've been thinking about recently, and a map of some sort would help (a crude paper one of course). Thanks for the feedback!