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Typing while the game is running is inconsistent

A topic by TangentFox created Nov 20, 2017 Views: 199 Replies: 2
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I left the game running while working on some dialog, and noticed my character randomly moving around, and realized when I typed WASD, it was controlling the game. Additionally, arrow keys don't even go to the editor, just to the game.

(Related: I often find myself playing briefly, then going back to work on the design, which leads to me forgetting the game is running. It would be nice to have an option to have the game automatically stop playing if you click on any editor tools.)

hi! thanks for the bug report :) these are good observations

I will have to figure out how to turn off the keyboard controls when you focus on an editor element

a way to make it more clear when you are playing the game vs. editing it would also be good

I'll definitely add these to my to-do list!

Idea: Grey out rest of UI while game is running.

It seems that you can edit sprites/tiles/whatever while the game is running. I feel this is more a feature than bug, so it would be nice to continue to be able to do that even with interface entirely (or mostly) greyed out.