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Character Artist looking for Projects

A topic by Red-Baby created Nov 18, 2017 Views: 530 Replies: 6
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Hey Yo and Hello everyone!

I'm a character artist with a bit of free time on my hands.  I'm looking for short projects to work on, mostly looking for Visual Novel projects.  Not accepting unpaid jobs at the moment, so please either be prepared to offer upfront payments or 50% upfront and 50% after completion  via Paypal using USD or AUD  currency. 

I can make chibi art, sprite art, and CG event art.  Files are saved as .png unless otherwise specified.  

Please have a story already in mind to pitch to me, I only join projects if I have an actually interest in what the game is going to be about.  I'm very interested in LGBTI+ stories, as well as anything fantasy related.  

Here is a quick price guide for upfront payments:

Flat Colour Single chibi $5

Full Colour Single chibi $10

extra expressions on chibi +$2

Thigh High Sprite with Three Expressions $20

Thigh High Sprite with Three Expressions and Extra Outfit  $30

Full Body Sprite with Three Expressions $30

Full Body Sprite with Three Expressions and Extra Outfit  $45

 extra expressions on sprites +$2

<thigh-up sprite="" +="" 3="" expressions="" 1="" extra="" outfit<="" strong="">CG - 1 character + simple pose + simple background $30

CG - 2 character + simple pose + simple background $40

extra expressions on CG +$3

dynamic poses +$5 to $10</thigh-up>

Feel free to negotiate prices if your project is on a budget.

My Portfolio

You can contact me  by replying to this post or via email: 

Please put in your subject heading 'Artist Commission - [project name] -' so that I know it's not junk mail.

Art samples below.

<3 Red

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I love your chibi art, after I finish my current game I might have a project for you if you're interested


Awesome, just contact me when you are ready and we can discuss the details. 

Good luck with your current game =)

Here are some more sprite samples.

Another sprite sample.

Here's some more chibi samples. 

Another sprite sample.