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Help test my top down shooter game (help me and get the game free).

A topic by firecat created Nov 16, 2017 Views: 220 Replies: 5
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 Only the first 20 people have access and all those who have not done so will need to buy or hack it.

The game is a mix of Galaga with game of 1942. The plans to take it to are going well.  


I am planing to make this into a commercial game. Ask below and I will send you a PM with the key.

Sure! I'll be happy to test it :)

Sorry for the delay, the engine just won't open. this happens from time to time, i'll send you the key when the engine opens up for me to build it for windows (it only runs in windows).

Alright! Sounds good, should be able to test it and give some valuable feedback :)

where do you want me to send it (there is no pm in this thread), i have discord if that is where you like to get it.

Yeah sure, just send it to me at Lewis#6308