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52 Fates

A dangerous, unique fantasy RPG that uses a regular 52-card deck for its mechanics! · By Dice Pencil & Paper

What's PC stand for?

A topic by Null created Sep 06, 2021 Views: 110 Replies: 2
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I think this system is really cool! I'm looking through the rules for this and it talks about "PC," that seems a separate thing from CP, and I didn't see it defined in the terminology section, first being brought up that is can be stacked as bonus but not exactly what it is? It doesn't look like it stands for player character cause they're called protagonists, unless it's a holdover or something idk ?


Thank you, and my apologies! PC stands for "player character", but it should be a protagonist. I fumbled my own terminology. :D There are some terms in the RPG industry that are hard to shake out sometimes. I will fix this soon and updated the PDF!

Oh I get that, and thanks for the answer!