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In Between: Minimalist Target Game

A topic by cerivitos created Nov 16, 2017 Views: 70
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Hi guys, 

This is my first game ever, made using Phaser js. It's a minimalist score chaser with a simple concept: Tap the mouse button to stop the bar within the target range.  Consecutive successes builds up your multiplier which is the secret to high scores! But beware, one miss and it's back to x1. There are three modes:

  • Endless: Target starts off wider and narrows as you get more successful. Ideal for beginners to calibrate your spatial sensitivity!
  • Arcade: A random effect is introduced every 5 rounds. This may be increased speed, higher multipliers, life recovery, or even a disappearing bar - how long can you survive?
  • Classic: There are no random effects but the bar length decreases proportionally to how far you miss the target. Consistency is the key!

Do give it a try here and let me know what you think :)