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How can you tell if your game is complete?

A topic by RexTGun created Nov 15, 2017 Views: 266 Replies: 3
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I am developing a sandbox game and I'm running out of things to add. I am thinking of how much this needs if I want to make money off of it and how can I tell if its "done". I know that there is no such thing as a "Done" game but how do I know if my game has reached the point of publishing? any answer is greatly appreciated


I'm no expert, but from my experience I'd say:

1- Forget the "make money of it", it only hampers you in your work. Instead try to make the best game you can. A game that YOU like and that makes you feel proud about, because building and finishing a complete game is no small feat.

2- Take a break, do other things for a while, and you'll soon see new ideas coming to you. If you have willing friends, let them test/play your game.

3- For my part, I know that my game is finished when I have fixed all bugs and when I can't stand it to play it one more time for testing. There comes a moment, you have to let go.

4- Gather your courage,  publish it on and read the comments; the community is very supportive.

I wish you strength and a lot of fun to complete your game.  I'm looking forward to it!


P.S. Sorry for my english (not mothertongue).

When you're done what you set out to do. You can always update the game later if you ever decide to add a bit more, I guess.

That is a tough question.  Keeping your project in scope while making a magically world.  Test and retest it.