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White Pearl - A ~25 hour RPG w/ Sidequests + Crafting

A topic by Elyswer created Nov 14, 2017 Views: 272
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Ever wanted to invest time in a deep, long, story-based JRPG? Well, hopefully White Pearl will scratch that itch for you!

The story is completely original, and takes itself seriously. That's not to say there isn't some light moments though!

- There's a deep story to get invested in!

- Turn based combat with interesting skills, where strategy and formula is always a must!

- There's sidequests! Some leading to new areas!

- A huge main cast. I haven't found it to be over-saturated, and the diversity is there.

Main  Characters

  • Pearlto Divinia: A man of a religious folllowing, childhood friend of Katkin's and person of authority and empathy. Even when faced with a dark threat he is tasked to destroy, he feels regret. Should he question his faith?
  • Katkin Elderflower: A friend which Pearlto needed. Born and raised in a restrictive and nobled family just like Pearlto, the two became friends quickly. However, she conceals her family's purpose and origin to the party. She will have to learn to deal with the past.
  • Elsay Valenheart = Sister to Elrise, she is a woman of a well-mannered nature. She struggles with empathising with other people, but she is not without heart.
  • Elrise Valenheart = Brother to Elsay, his outward appearance appears to be morbid and cold, however a traumatic experience has formed him into what he is. He harbours a dark secret unknowingly.
  • Elyswer Vael = A man of humour, he can lighten up the mood quickly. He is also childhood friends with U'vharr. This man was once an airship pilot.
  • U'vharr Tia = The king of Ancarna, a town of richness and gold, although the recent shortage has left the town with a decreased budget – they still have plenty to depend on. When heir to the throne at a young age, he could not fit in with the other children of the town and so he turned to Elyswer.
  • Cassopeia Kinnear = A woman skilled in the arts of dark magic, she learns of her identity and connection to a figure long forgotten.

Many more to meet!

Main  Locales

  • Falcon is the capital of the Overworld and it is a bustling and prosperous city. Many mercenaries come and go, seeking fame and fortune in their lives. The capital has a long history of Elderflower protection. From time to time, the city gets it's goods and gold from Ancarna.
  • Ancarna is a city known for it's gold mines, where the large portion of the town's success originates from. It is home to the prestigious Tia family, which is known for it's bloodline of success of money, power and gold. Although many leaders in the Tia family have been following from their parents' example, one leader aims to takes a different path.
  • Prevesta is a town which is known for their special concoctions and potions.  Every year, the town performs a local ritual called the "Harvest" which is held in celebration of Crysania, the Light God who created Prevesta. It is Elsay and Elrise's home.
  • Valen is a prestigious kingdom, ruled over by a king of greed and power. The people of Valen have an infamous repuation, as they are usually very inhospitable to visitors and consultants - preferring to stay in their own ways.

Many more to find!

Okay, so... Where can I download this game?


Gameplay Showcase (Oct 2017, Ver 1.0.0)

Announcement Trailer (Jul 2017)