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BIZARRE BAZAAR : - Upcoming Pixel and Acrylic Visual Novel -

A topic by Jacob Fletcher created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 167
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Hey everyone !

Welcome to the Bazaar, a city sized marketplace where people of all kind wander from across the world for trade, goods, luxuries, and other... more questionable services.            And you are the one in charge...

A long time ago in a land now known as, Central, the King gathered the smartest and craftiest traders from across the world and placed them in a city. Many, many dynasties later, the city; now known as, the Bazaar, holds many valuables and secrets within it's walls and stalls. 

Your choices may be so powerful that it could effect everyone within the city. Or you could just end up sitting down and having a nice drink.
You shall be interacting with merchants, criminals, royals, elites, and many other strange types people in this city of mystery, money and magic.

This visual novel will include pixel backgrounds with characters being painted in acrylics.
14 scenarios have already been written out [which shall be the amount shown in the demo].
Several pieces of music have been made with 4 already uploaded publicly [2 below; for all current 4 see the link at the bottom of the page].
Everything else is under way.  

I am working on this by myself so this may take some time to finish but I do hope you guys like the look of it and will enjoy the end product :3 
Other than that, enjoy your day / night.