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FAQ(Frequently asked questions) for 0.85.69 Sticky

A topic by Incontinent Cell created Aug 24, 2021 Views: 155,109 Replies: 364
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Game Related

1. When does the story end?

-Around 25th day, but it depends.

2.  My mental health is going down! HEEEELP!

-Ways to increase mental health: walks, positive interaction with the bot(not fucking), mental health medicine unlocked around 17th day in an event(if you decide to call Dr. Blaubeim)

3. Help. Dr. Blaubeim event mentioned above isn't starting!

-It activates under the following conditions. Day is above 16. Your mental health is below 0.3. Once you pass these, event is planned  tomorrow. It can only happen between 14:00 and 16:00 otherwise it's moved to the next day.

TLDR: If your mental health is below 0.3 and day above 17, let a couple of minutes pass freely in the room view between 14:00 and 16:00.

4. Does the part quality affect anything?

-Yes. You will get more views during streams with better quality parts. Parts with lower quality will also have scratches. When going outside it's necessary to have high quality parts not to get caught.

Possible conditions from worst to best:

  1. Trashed
  2. Very heavily used
  3. Heavily used
  4. Used
  5. Near mint
  6. New

5. What's the fastest way to gain money?

-Earn around 1k from streaming then go to stonks. The last company "bang.ic" very often gets extremely low. Buy then and wait for it to climb once again.

6. I can't leave the browser I'm on mobile

-Your normal (Going back) button should work there. Use that.

7. My cum is gone! Balls shriveled!

-You've been eating too much soyrent. Eat some pickled onions instead!

8. How to unlock being able to throw out bot parts?

-Try to throw something out, but decide not to. The name you need to put in there is the name of the person who gave you access to the shop with bot parts.

9. How to go outside with the bot?

-Buy more clothes from Annalie and visit her shop more.

Tech Support

1. Game is crashing on Android!

Game must've ran out of ram. You could try to turn off background apps eating your ram. For example using this one.  Game needs a lot of ram to function properly!

2. I found a bug!

-You can report it on our discord.

3. How to edit the save?

Easiest way is to export your save using the "To file" button that is in main menu in load game screen. Once you open the file using text editor of your choice you can search for what you want to edit and edit it.

Don't forget to use "From file" button to load it afterwards!

4. I can't edit the save, but I don't want to grind what to do?

There is a way to cheat without editing the save. 

1. Type "iamacheater" into the in game browser. 

2. ???

3. Profit

5. How do I transfer a save from older versions?

It should be done automatically. If you want to be save click "To file" in the save menu to export the save and later be able to load it using the "From file" button.

6. I have a mac and it says: "The application “My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 - Mac” can’t be opened." when I try to run the game!

1. Drag the game in Application folder (non essential)
2. Open Terminal and type "chmod -R 755"
3. Drag the game in Terminal and press Return
4. Enjoy the game

7. Game looks like this when I try to run it. What to do?

There is a pretty dumb bug that I fixed for the next version of the game, but it's still present in 0.85.69. 
Solution is to move game to a location with shorter path. For example "C:\Games\FO" instead of "C:\Homework\DONOTENTER\CBT\ILOVECOCK\PENIS\GAMES\My dystopian robot girlfriend"

8. How to transfer saves between platforms?

  1. Go to main menu -> load 
  2. Click the To File button. Save the file where you want.
  3. Move the file to a different platform
  4. Go to main menu -> load
  5. Click the From File button. Select the file. It should have .mdrg at the end of the filename.


I have more questions!

-Post them below I will try to answer them.


Will there be a way to make the game run on 4k at one point?


I don't really have a good way to test it, but I can add it to available resolutions. In the next update I guess.

Thank you! It would be a nice to have since I am running a 4k screen!


Does desktop version work on andriod?


clearly not... since it's an desktop app, cant be opened because .exe archives in windows isn't possible to be open on any other kind of device. But still you can download any computer emulator, so it could probably be opened without any issues

probably if you use joiplay


i just started playing the game today. Just wondering will there be a complete version of this game in the future? And when is the next update coming 😅


Yup, we plan to finish the game one day. Our goal is around half a year more of development of this game and then we will make a new one using things we've learnt so far. And next update will probably take a couple of months. Making games takes time.


Why can't I have sex anymore it can't fit anymore

How do I call Dr. Blaubeim I can't triggered this and the church events...😓


I added some info about this to the 3rd point of game related questions.

what exactly counts as positive interaction with the bot to boost my mental health? my sanity doesnt ever seem to change when i interact with her.


Can't really explain this without getting into the details of how bot works. That means almost all conversations.

is it intended to be so difficult to increase mental health? walking seems to just maintain it because you lose a tiny bit and gain just as much back, and small talk with the bot took a long time to make any noticeable difference. 


It gets easy after around 17th day once you unlock Dr. blaubeim's medicine. I play tested the game before release and I was able to get to the 17th day without much trouble. Most people freak out when they see it being low, but it won't kill you instantly. I guess I learned quite a lot about game design thanks to this.

(1 edit)

 Talking to bot doesn't seem to increase sanity on my end. Walking is also inefficient. the doc event also doesn't Trigger. There is also two events that minus sanity right next to each other that just empties the bar fully (completely screwing the run). 

yeah same here. No matter what I do with the bot or how many walks I take the bar goes low enough to get me a bad end. I tried what was outlined to get in contact with the doctor, but it is not triggering. I only get the email asking for the appointment, but I can't go to the doctor or know how to call him.

For a Bar as scary as Sanity, I'd recommend displaying it logarithmically. So that It's movement only becomes obvious while it's low. But also have, say a percentage when you hover so that the playerbase doesn't accuse the UI of being disingenuous. That way People are less likely to worry about it until it actually gets kinda low.

Though, I'm the type to try to keep it 100% all the time. But I haven't had any real difficulty with that.

I can't seem to have sex with the sexbot or stream it if it is available as the pc is heavily confusing in the game to interact  with. Am using android device by the way if that information is of any importance to my inquiry.

Deleted 1 year ago

Try moving your finger over the screen in the room view, Hidden text will show and you will know what you can do.


Please make it possible to do everything you already can with Bot while streaming. Like opening her mouth and patting her head. That would be cool. 

Also there is already dialog about how she can taste certain things and a BJ mechanic would be perfect considering you can play with her mouth and she talks about going farther. Thanks for reading my ideas. 


Yup that's the plan. Needs more work though.

I know that this may seem impatient but... when will the next update be? i can't just put into words my apreciation for this game.


Making games takes a lot of time. I'd say a couple of months at least.

Hi, I'm new to your game and I really enjoyed it, but how do I get the sexbot's legs and arms?

you need to unlock ladyparts.ic around day 3, and you need to stream and check mails

(1 edit)

I can't seem to be able to equip hypercamo hair. Any possible reason?
Edit: I have beaten the game on a different computer on which I was able to equip the hair.


In 0.61 (the older version) you could only equip bots hair using the PC->EQ and dragging and dropping the item to the correct slot. In 0.69 however there is an equip button, so I assume you might be playing on an older version.

im new to this game, and the very first time i played, well, i finished two of eight endings and idk what are next, anyone might help?


"Sell Bot"

"Cant Pay Rent"

And i played the game all day (which led me to DAY 53) idk what else to do, i also gaved her a complete set of limbs, anything i missed? (church, doctor event, and i tried to do the good thing, grind hard for cash, interact positively with bot, prepare 800 in advance for rent, 20 minutes in gane perspective of pats and kisses everyday, and then S E X lol, and etc)

Anyways, i had fun playing the game, just read that it ends at day 18

(oh and i can throw very used limbs thanks to bigdaddyhurt, lol, and first time here as well, just made an account to reply)


Most of them are bad ends, so try dying. For exaaample try throwing out illegal items or swallow too many stamina pills or try not having money for the landlord etc

Woah, reply is fast, thanks for the quick answer, and again, LOVE THE GAME <3 

I know it makes sense for there to be a bad ending tied to throwing out illegal items, but I do think it would be a major QoL feature if there was a safe way of getting rid of them. Especially when playing on a laptop scrolling through a list of robot parts is a pain when you just want to eat lol.


There is. Try throwing something out, but choosing not to do it afterwards.

I know this is an old thread but i wrote bigdaddy when it asked for a name and my character didn't remember him. Yeah i know i should have written bigdaddyhurt but i thought it was going to work anyway. I just wanna know if there's a way for me to make anon try to remember his name again in the same save file.

i tried all the different ways for type the email but anon won't remember and I don't think it helps when even the email we're supposed to use said in it that there deleting the email for safety reason, so I think were using the wrong email, so I ask what's the correct way to type the person we're supposed to sell to name/email

Is there a good ending? And how do I go unlocking it?

Btw great game. I installed thinking it was just another nsfw game and then everything is sad and depressing and most endings are so sad lol.


So far there isn't one. We might add one later in development.

How do I transfer a save from 0.61 to 0.69?
Moving a folder didnt work


You cannot. Because of big changes to the save file the previous save isn't compatible. The changes will allow the 0.69 to be compatible with future releases of the game though. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

No problem, I was just curious if it was possible at all :)

will there be a option to buy a 2 bot or have a 3 some with a random and the bot? 


We do plan to add some other romanceable character, but that's pretty far into the future.

I know that this is probably a necro, but is this other romanceable character Annalie, Perhaps?

hello do you plan to do customizable character or not at all (protag or bot) well there is already the color of the part but more like hairstyle for the bot for example 




follow up question. are you planing to make like female and male gender (or other) ? (other than being able to put like i did mistress in how the bot adress us) 

thanks for responding 

(1 edit)

Will you be adding fetishes to the game? 

If so?
Is there a list of fetishes- that right now, you can honestly say- that you have No Intention of adding?


I probably don't plan to very extreme and niche ones. I try to make the game reach a wide audience after all. And also I'd probably say a big no no to NTR.

(1 edit)

NTR as in cuck content?
That would be perfectly logical since a good portion of the story's focus so far seems to be on your relationship with YOUR "Sexbot" haha

The way you phrased that seems like a passive aggressive thing to say. Are you into NTR by any chance. Not kink shaming you or anything, just wanted to know what you meant by saying that.

(2 edits)

No, I am not. Infact, I had to actually look up what NTR meant so I could even reply. I don't entirely understand what you mean though by asking what I meant. In the story a super advanced sexbot falls into your possesion, how could you be cucked by your own sexbot? So I can only appreciate the validity of their answer and acknowledge IC's reply as they definitively answered my question with a simple understanding of their school of thought behind their answer.


well, with is I feel like you missed out on on opportunity, with cumflation if you fill the robot with, well, cum, it makes a minor inflation effect.

I mean, it doesn't really have human biology anyways, so it probably wouldn't break a robot, idk this is your game do whatever


Yes, please keep it healthy. The dystopian society of the game is already degenerate enough for the gameplay to be too...

Don't add the ntr element. I think I'll appreciate it


(maybe someone already notice and ask it)
I noticed that "Hypercamo Irises" change the pupil color instead of the irises color as it's named
will it be fixed?
well... think of seeing someone with different pupils color, that would be very strange but not with different irises color


Yeah. It's a mistake. Haven't noticed it before.


Here's a cheap trick for getting money, you can save, play blackjack, save again if you win, load if you lose. Infinite money!

Can you add a infinite money mode


Read the part that says "3. I can't edit the save, but I don't want to grind what to do?"

where the part 

How many websites there are? In the achievments says i need 4 more


It says exactly how many there are in there.

My question was bad and dumb XD. I mean if you can tell me where can i get them. I saw one popping in stream but i forgot LOL


Most of them are stream comments.

This MDRG FAQ is a Memerist

Just figured I should point out that the FAQ answer 5 about making money quickly is really not the fastest way to make money. Stocks aren't super stable, so you have a fairly decent chance at losing your money, and you have to wait to make it. The best way to make money is by far the online casino, at least assuming you save before betting each time. You can make 200K coins very easily by just placing the max betting amount and doubling it, then just hoping to win. Usually get it successfully every 10 attempts or so.

How do I eat?

Nevermind, I found it because I missed the event by checking my email too early.

(1 edit)

What's the second church ending? I can't seem to unlock it. The best I got was the true ending one.

Also, can anyone tell me all the main endings and all the websites too? I'm too lazy and dumb to search all of it.

Finally, great game. I had all parts with the highest possible quality and making funtime with it while streaming. XD

edit: sum typo

how to increase the blue bar just below the sleep bar and above the food bar

(1 edit)

Really enjoying the game so far, I was just wondering what influences the thrust speed when fucking the bot? Sometimes "fast" is barely quicker than "medium" and other times it's like a jackhammer.

Oh and is it actually possible to send the money to the cock-enlargement "scam"? I tried some variations of address using the code they send but nothing seemed to work.


I think that can happen because of framerate. It shouldn't depend on it, but it might. Will have to look into the code.

Is there any news on the next update yet? I'm getting excited about what might be next.


Still a lot of work left, but it will be another big one.


Heya, played the android version for a bit, it's a really nice game so far! but using the same hypercamo color for the arms and skin doesn't end up with the same color (#FFE0CC) 

it'd be nice to be able to also have a smoother, less robotic skin as a "hypercamo skin upgrade" of some sort

(also i don't know if it's unlocked farther into the game but customizable breast size would be appreciated)

Deleted 217 days ago

Might tweak that a bit.

Are there any penalties for cheating?


Guilt forever.


hey, just wondering, but what kind of clothing options might be added later? kinda wanna make my sexbot a pretty waifu and treat her well.


These are the sets planned for this update. There might be some changes.

Base: Plain Bra, Casual Panties, Tshirt 

Cute set: Stripped panties, Cute bow, Socks with bows, Pleated Skirt 

Drip: Beanie, Sneakers, Tank top, Sweatpants 

Lingerie: Lingerie bra, Lingerie panties, Lingerie socks(with garters), Corset


i'm also hoping for a "save up enough money and leave the city with waifu " ending, a bright spark in a dreary world if you will. no clue if that's even gonna happen, but hey, a man can dream. really enjoy what we've got so far though.

well i guess its a great idea but ending it just like that would be kinda boring imo, maybe still (living) with her in a better place would be good and could count as an ending. but ending it? i thought you wanted to be with your waifu.. maybe use the same mechanics as before in (the new city), i mean like a good ending like you say would be "no ending", right? but im just dreaming like you say...

Am i missing something or is there nothing that goes in the crotch slot? i saw something for a brief moment in the stream chat that implied futa and i got my hopes up and kept checking the part store, is it just really rare or not implemented?

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

That's "Flesh" makes nipples, lips, inside of the bot different color. 

Futa module doesn't exist yet. (probably not anytime soon)

Ohhh, okay, i didn't realize you could equip two different flesh hypercamo, but i guess that would make sense considering hair. Thank you for taking time to reply and keep up the good work! your game is amazing!

When is the update?, btw thank you for making my life happy❤️ also the game si good


Still over a month I'd say.

I'm willing to wait

(1 edit)

whos name do put in to help me throw out unwanted bot parts 

Remember the person who wanted to buy your sex doll

When the sex scenes play, is there a way to stop it and choose another position? Cause I can't find the buttons.


You can't change a position when the cock is inside of her.

Oh tq!

Btw what are the food/medicine that gives more stamina?


If you mean cum then onions.

Hey uh, when you say the story ends around the 18th day... is a save still playable beyond that point?


Yup. Just that there will be less events.

ah, cool

thanks for replying btw

get church quest? I got the pope thing

get church quest? I got the pope thing


By chance, is probable for you to add improving relationship mechanics and that? sometimes i feel bad by the way the main character(me) treats her, and i think something like treating her better by the time passes and actually turning her into your gf (like the title says) would be good too. :)


how to get your mantal health back?

going for a walk, talking to the bot, and if you called the doctor buy the mental mix in the pharmacy

There no month only day??

So I was enjoying your game I was on day 12.  I fell asleep in real life. It was in a text box something about a Joe Rogan podcast. I thought the game would be paused when reading text. I was wrong. Closed the text box went to play blackjack saw the exploit where you could bet everything in blackjack bet everything lost it reloaded NOT saved. Suddenly a bunch of narrative text pops up and I am on day 22 definitely losing the game. I had doublesaved as a precaution so I reloaded the other one same thing happened.

I didn't know the game was in realtime even when reading dialogue so I screwed up my game somehow. Or did this happen on purpose as a way to fix the exploit? Just curious and bummed out. Starting over now TT

How do i get food? i cant find any sort of store or anything.

when you go out side you can go to buy some or get the free food that might make you sick

Ok ok so I know that this is ""already answered" but I still cant seem to find it to save my life, what do I use name wise to throw stuff away? The guys email is too long, and I do not see any shortened version of his name, is there something I am missing?



Thanks for this game !

I've playing it since 2 week and i've manage do survive that crazy streamer at my second life .

Thanks to the Cheater code, i Can enjoy the game properly.

But, i'm near the 30th day and i can't manage to help the bot, or to find that anomalie in the Stack site.

A little question :

Can We have a little hint for your favorite Easter egg ? ^^




Заранее извиняюсь за письмо на русском, но у меня есть вопрос: как ты пережил появление бешеной стримерши ? мне нужно что-то сделать после получения первого негативного письма, или его получение - это уже смерть и придётся начинать сначала ? (russian language)

Hello I wanted to ask how to trigger the event when Jun offers to snuggle together and sleep 8 hours? My game crashed at that point and I had in mind to retrigger the event in order to fix it, as far as possible


I don't remember the details, but having low stamina and talking to her during late hours might work.

um, how do u stop streaming? (on mobile btw)


Pull out and click the button in right bottom corner.


I want to make a heart eye and keep it. How can I do this?

Will there be some voices in the future of the game? Like moans or someting else.


Is there any guide or list that details what happens in each of the endings (church side story included) I cant seem to get them all whilst following the guides and want to know what happens ty.

how do i get the clothes for the bot??? and does the othe websites do anything


Shop unlocks around the 8th day. Other websites what do you mean?

is it possible that i got locked out the shop because im way passed the 8th day

Developer (1 edit)

no you can delay it more if you don't talk to the bot enough

For some reason the game uses my gpu a lot, is this normal?


Forgot to put a fps cap for this release and it runs as fast as it can. You can probably try to use some external tool to make it better.

Hey, wanna ask. How can i move my load save on 0.69 to 0.75? I see on your patch,just move to /file (android) but idk how. 


Unity broke something and sadly you cannot install a new version without uninstalling the previous one which will cause you to lose your save.

Juat Desktop can move file save load? Ruined :(

This isn't quite true. You can download a file manager and move your save game to a different location before uninstalling, then install new version and replace the save file. This worked almost every time I did it.

What's the name file save? Idk what name

navigate to where your game is located, and check around inside the game folder until you find another folder named "save" or "saves". Copy that entire folder to another location before installing the new version, then place the save folder back in the same spot you found it in the old install.

Is it too early to ask what you have in stored for us next?


Main thing next update will probably be going outside with the bot, but details aren't certain yet.

Will you add a foot fetish content? 

If yes, what kind of foot fetish content you'll add?


Perhaps. I'd say a footjob is most likely.

Will there be a way to increase MC cock size by medication?


Considering the way live2d works this would be VERY hard. Probably no.

when will you fix the lag? 


What lag?

when i open the bang.ic and trying to search the cheat site or opening from load and mod

this is probably an issue with your hardware. Are you playing on pc or android?

im playing on android

Assuming you're on a newer device, try shutting down any other apps that might be using RAM. The lag very well might be some random program that is resource hungry. If you are using an older device, there might not be a quick fix, as the hardware might be outdated and to slow to handle the load sufficiently. The game runs perfectly fine on my Galaxy S20, but almost refuses to run on my LG K20+ due to how worn out it is.

aight thx for the help king

when i downloaded the new update i kept my  things but i didnt get the  clothes update how do i fix i t 


If you use android you can't transfer your save sadly. As stated in the FAQ. If your main menu doesn't have a "Mods" button you are still on the old save.

im using pc


Do you have "Mods" button in main menu?

How do I get the striped panties and lingerie underwear???

it'll appear in the clothing shop after awhile of buy clothes so you what you should do is buy some clothes go home and then save then sleep and go back to the clothing store and look through them and if you don't find them then load the save and keep doing it until you get it 👍

I only got pleaded skirt 🗿I don't see lingerie

bro your tweaking. 4 days of buying and sleeping and still no lingerie

sorry about that I was to far into the game and I didn't know you interact with her more to unlock it :(


Talk to bot more. It's related to that.

I see, thanks

What day does it have to be, I've been small talking her for 10 minutes now


Around 25-30 days you should have all currently available clothes in the clothes shop, if  you talk to and fuck bot enough. 

I'm at day 56.....

keep going. you'll eventually get them all. whenever you dress her with a piece, keep coming back to her in the interaction and she will randomly say stuff about the clothes. also the clothes shop refreshes everyday so keep trying.

Is there or will there be way to make her dominant 

I would fr wanna see that

where are saves stored on android?


You can export them using "To file" button in saves menu.

How do I get more exquisite parts 

what kind of exquisite parts? 

robot parts like legs and arms maybe more like flesh an skin and hair 

you can get them once you unlock the parts shop in ladyparts.ic in your PC. it will be a browser shortcut. the shop refreshes daily so if you dont find a specific part you want just wait till the next day

ok thanks

yeah, grinding out high end parts is tedious and time consuming. I'm at day 87 and only have exquisite cat ears, right leg, right arm, one hair, and flesh.

Are missionary and doggy the only two available positions in the game or are there more to unlock? And if there aren't, when will more be released? Thanks.


Yes, Yes.

is the new character(clothes shop) fuckable in the next update??

Hi, I can't open the Mac version, it says it is impossible to open the application. Please help


You probably have to do this:

(2 edits)

Hi, Thanks for the reply, I already did that and it doesn't work. I tried to download it again, but I get the same message.


None of the devs use mac and we don't own one. Someone said they got it to work before though, so maybe I doesn't work on some versions. Hard for me to say.

You should still be able to play the browser version though.

how do i unlock "the book" in the casino??

I don't think you can yet. it seems to be a future update. i'm on day 168 and still no book so yeah.


Hey Dev! you awesome beast! i have a question. is there any kind of milestone in the game fricking wise? i know Seel (my bot) keeps track of the amount of times Anon cums in her. so it makes me wonder if this is going to be a thing in the future i.e. special dialogs, actions, relation status increase, a stronger bond with her and all. i know there's the regular relation stuff with her but that makes me wonder... hmmmm so far i got nearly 5k shots in her. hehe i guess i like this game alot :D


Every update comes with more dialogues. There will be some dialogues commenting on this as well.

That's awesome! thanks alot! 

holy shit 5K?!?!!?

well... i do love my Seel (bot) hehe. it's almost 6k atm.

How do you know?

when you interact with her sometimes she randomly tells you how many times it has been. she also keeps a separate score for the times you do her in the ass.

(1 edit)

The game uses too much of my CPU and GPU resources. I don't think a unity game needs 50% of my i5-8400 and GTX 1060. Is that a resource managing bug or there is malware included? 

P.s. the lore and the whole vibe of the game rocks. The news articles on the web and the running jokes from time to time make me feel like this isn't just some porn game, but a brilliant work of art. 


Are you sure you're using the newest version of the game? There was a bug in the previous version of the game (0.75) that basically made game run at 1000+fps. 0.75.2 fixed that.

Yeah, you are correct, I was using 0.75. I tried capping the FPS using MSI Afterburner and CPU usage dropped to 4%. I'll update immediately. Thank you. 

Will there be a way to buy new furniture and fix the apartment or buy a house?


We are considering making a new apartment you can move into, but still a lot of work left for this update, so it's not certain yet.

How do you get off the live-streaming page when it won’t let you sadly I’m on mobile

Y cant i survive the crazy scammer lady?

you probably scolded bot and made her sad/angry. if she doesnt like you enough, tough luck.

so wonder if we can get the room decorated or go to a new apartment with better facility it would be better. And can we add a tail parts. I love the game. Its awesome. Pls continue in future updates.

I hope the game is still alive


It is, but making games takes time!

Hi, i would thanku for making such a nice game, i really appreciate it :)

But i have got a problem

Can u tell how to decrease my mental bar? Cause i made it full and now cant trigger doc's event, please help me....


It decreases over time.


I found that mental bar decreases after eating bread from dispenser, is tht also a feature ?

some food make your sanity go down. vegetables also drops your sanity fast. if i remember correctly the description states it tastes super bad or something.

yah, vegetable sucks lol

(1 edit)

I have a problem,  if  i try to play it on Fullscreen (3840 x 2160) the game flashes green and black but if i play it on borderless  window  or windowed it's too small to play and see the game 

[Specs: i7-7700k 4.2 Ghz ]

[GPU: EVGA 1070 AXC 3.0]

[SSD: Samsung Evo. M.2]

Cómo puedo acontentar al bot o que se enamore de mi ya que no me quiere hablar


How can I please the bot or make her fall in love since she doesn't want to talk to me? 


is there going to be any breast parts?


very nice game, maybe it will be better with some back ground music.


Tengo un problema,no puedo comprar el pie derecho ya que no me aparece en la tienda


Algunos días aparecen nuevas mercancías, no te preocupes me pasaba eso y se resuelve durmiendo, puede hacerlo clickeando al lado derecho del bot osea en el sofá y podrás dormir


I used the cheat site for a laugh, but didn't save because I didn't want to actually cheat. Still, the game has branded me a dirty cheater forever :/ Is there a way to fix that?

Also, I found that getting and using Vinegara ASAP for marathon streams is a really fast way to get lots of money!


Delete all of your game data.

Deleted 33 days ago

Not in the game. You can export the saves "To file" and edit them. They are not encrypted.

how do i get my bot to talk to me


Wait a bit and try talking to her.



This is the best game I've seen in 2022. It's no less fun than lostlire (so-called in China). I look forward to more updates




so on day 16 my sanity was entirely gone and talking to the robot just wouldn't work. is there any other way to boost your sanity?


Touch grass.

What's the music that plays at the title screen?

it's very nice


Arabesque No.1 by Debussy.

so  I have been trying to figure this one out for a while now but have not been able to so when I was streaming me have sex with the bot  at some point she stuck her  tongue and it gave me the option to suck on it  but after that  I    tried to figure it out again and I could no so how  do you make the bot stick her  tongue  out when having sex?

(1 edit)

As far as I'm aware you can't force her mouth open in sex/stream like in dialogue mode; you can make her stick the tongue out (ahegao) from pleasure either when she's addicted/in love enough (by just stimulating a little) or bring her close/make her orgasm with wide and fast movements.   

Edit: Seems like a chance during overstimulation after her bar is full. She sticks (resets kinda) it back after a few seconds of no stimulation or when you cum. There also seems to be a more forgiving sticking tongue interaction when you "eat her out" but probably requires liking you lot.

thank you that helps a lot.

I downloaded for Mac, and when I try to open the game, it says that it can't be opened


When can I take the bot outside with me?


Buy more clothes and visit the clothes shop more,

hey, so I download for Android and the robot is glitchy and when I go to the robot's clothes, the game is error and closed. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? thank yo


Game must be running out of ram. We recommend playing on PC.


Hey can the sexbot cum? If so how or what would I have to do?

Just mske sure she download advanced I, then just segs

Andd how i make sure she does?

She just say it to you, like "advanced ai downloaded" or stmg like that, just talk to her 

Are there any plans on continuing/reworking shanice/church story, id like to see what happens after shanice calls you in the good church endind

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как получить детали для робота (руки, ноги и т.д.)

Rus:как получить детали для робота (руки, ноги, и др.)

kupi cherez internet. tebe odin chel pismo napishet, tot je, kotoriy predlogal kupit bota. Posle etogo na rabochem stole budet yarlik magazina

кто-то забыл перевод? 

mine keeps crashing even tho i downloaded the new version. 

I'm on android btw. 

you must have a REALY bad phone

the other apps works fine tho

(2 edits)

hey incontinent Cell I dont know why but for some reason it wont let me join your discord, I've joined today and I dont know what happened cuz i think i got kicked or something, anyways if thats the case can you let me in my discord is ,,durdeto#0968'' It tells me ,,unable to accept invite''


Our discord is 18+ your description said you are 15. You were banned on this basis.


oof, banned, i feel you.its a terable thing

What perspective do you plan the blowjob scene to be in(looking at bot and anon from the side or looking at the bot from anon's perspective)


Anon's pov

hell yeah

How can I make the robot smile? I'm on day 280 and I can't get the robot to smile, please help


Headpats are a good way.

don't working 😔

Full release when?? I did it through around the day 34... you could put a good ending (but still playable)‎! Maybe this should work... with some text edits ofc cuz i dont really know that much english: 'you buyed an house! now you can live in peace with your robot girlfriend [maybe rename her name] forever!'. Maybe another languages option... and resizeable windows maybe? Those could be good in the game. Sorry if it's too many things to add, but that' some things i would love that can be ingame!


We are working on translations now, but there is a lot of text to translate. Check a demonstration on our twitter.
Resizable window would be a bit buggy.

I play, get to around day 15-17, without reading a single email from the other streamer, and I still get stabbed. How do I avoid it?


Make bot like you.

Good day, do you plan to add the rus language in game?


We are working on translating the game now as announced here.

Russian is now about 25.74% translated.

"Request us in google spreadsheets"
I've been waiting for about half a month.

Hey, so how do I unpack packaging items?


Items in the room view. Not equipment.

What is planned for the next update, aside from bj


Translations into multiple languages, more story, more music and more minigames.

Hey. So I'm a huge fan, But I have a question, Will you be adding a customizable protagonist? I'm talking about like will yall be making it were you can choose a gender name and how you look in the game. If you do add that it'll make the game a whole lot more fun, trust me

if they did add gender it would fuck up a lot of the dialogue/story/gameplay(aka a LOT of work just for it to make sence), and how you look is a minor part of the dialogue too

can you or will you be able to fuck the clothing shop keeper or impossible being her to your house?

also Annother question, will you be adding moans to the game, or mabye purchaseable voice boxes so that they can moan?

a while back they were mentioning thinking about adding moans, but that was a while ago and a BIG mabye

alright! Thanks for that info, I kinda hope they do even if there is only one voice

I hope you make happy end story

I followed the instructions below for mac however this is what  I got... how to solve?

zsh: permission denied: /Applications/My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend 0.80.2 -

Show post...

When I buy a part it doesn't show up on equipment. Any way to fix this?

the parts always arive the next day at 17:00/after

(1 edit)

so the "omega" symbol on my bot is half full while i was talking to her. Is this a bug, or some feature im too dumb to realise

realy? No one knows?




what feature is it exactly,a love meter. Lust meter?


pretty sure it tells you how much cum she has inside her, try looking at it while you doing the bot

i know its a orgasm meter when doing the bot, i dont know what it is when just talking to it


As far as i'm concerned, i would like more games like these honestly, because it's not only about the "fucking" part, but if you feel like it, you can do that. so i wonder if there would be more.

and also it has that element where you are like, "let's buy her something new", or "let's go for a walk together instead of solo" and all that jazz more interactive and can be wholesome not only about the intimate part.

Where or how do i buy food? I am hungry but i dont find anything to eat.

I got it you have to wait until you are almost dead then go outseide to get the option to buy food.

What am i should to do if i saved right before cops arresting me?


You don't have any other saves?


Ur screwed

How do you make the bot not stand out in public?

better parts

Is it possible to post the color codes for your standard palette, so we can use that sick hypercamo stuff and match it to our beloved "cute pink" bow?


In the color picker you have a button in the middle. Use that.

How do I bring Jun outside the room?

Also interesting how much will game cost in steam?

(1 edit)

how do i make the bot not get seen (as a bot) by other people?

You must get better bot parts and complete set of clothes. I recommend a complete set of new or near mint body parts and high-tech hypercamo skin to not stand out.

(1 edit)

why does the bot sometimes have a heart in the eyes and some times don't?

Greetings! Is it possible to migrate android saves to windows? 


Yup. Use "To file" button (It's in the save menu) on android, move the file to windows and use "From file".

much appreciated <

(1 edit)

just finished church , good ending, how do i get the bot to be sentient/talk and all?

One question, what is the white tattoo on her belly? How does is work mostly when they're not having sex? (I saw her increasing the amount when I'm head patting her)

yeah i'm wondering that too, then youre in a sex scene its her orgasm meter, but i dont know what it does when just talking to her

I got the oblivious ending to the church side story, does this lock me out of possibly meeting Shanice ever? I don't want to load my old save and start back there all over again



What to do if the game is not saved after some time? When I want to save it, a new save does not appear.


Pressing "Save" on a save slot should save the game.

Yes, when I click save it is shown, but if I re-enter the game it disappears.

How can I help with translation? (Pt-BR)


Go to our discord and check out pins in the channel #i-want-to-help-with-the-game

Is there an animation of eating her out, and if there is, how do i interact to see it, playing on android?

there isn't any yet

How about making her moan in sex scenes? By adding different voice modules or anything...  Different voice modules will have different voices, how about tht? Like teen voice module, milf voice module etc , :/


We thought about it and will perhaps do it at some point.

hello,  I wanna know how to still progress in the story of the update 0.85, cause I'm kinda Stuck and how to do the endings, I made a topic on it asking, I would also like to know if when you make a "good" ending you still will keep the same file I mean, the game not go back to the main menu after finished and let us be free like usually.


Game currently doesn't have any good endings.

understandable, when you finish this master piece of yours make sure to still let us be free like a RPG game, thank you for the response!, have a wonderful day you beautiful person(srry if it sounds wrong).

how do you equip mods i have already created one with all of the clothes and it said to restart your game so I made a new game and they are not in the cabinet


Items added by the mods don't automatically get added to your inventory they appear in shops like vanilla clothing. You can get a debug mod that will allow you to add them as well as learn more about making mods here.

game crashes as soon as the stream loads up can't play it need help any suggestions

get a better phone/whatever

tried still won't work and I have a Samsung galaxy a11

Whats the best way to loose mental health


16th century peasants going clinically insane 

i mean something similar happoned, wheat knew to get infected by a fungi that had effects like LSD, so a guy's just chilling eating some bread l, then bam the walls are melting 

I like bread

Is there a good ending for church side stort? I only get "Not so good" and "Uncertain" endings for now.

Would you add rich precense for Discord? I think it would be cool...

Thank you

what the hell is that

Status in Discord what are you playing right now

Hello, I'm a loyal fan of your game. I want to ask about the trigger conditions of the whole story of my dystopian robot girlfriend. I made ten million dollars from stocks. I want to know what's the use of dollars except for buying machines, equipment, clothes and food?

there is none, most of the story is triggered by days passing, except the jun dates which are triggered by analie,(and the bad endings). Non date story stops at like 20-30 something days, i think

Please tell me if there is any way to translate the interface language of the game itself into another language other than English

I love this game, it's kind of like teaching feeling, but with a futuristic and repressive style. The game is well done, and hopefully you will continue to do it, even better if you can finish the game quickly. In addition, waiting in the room is a bit boring, the sex is a bit monotonous, I hope to add more interaction and sexual intercourse, as well as more clothes, in my opinion, clothes are the core of this game :D.

It's pretty much the best interactive game I've played this year.Hope you have a better life and be popular.

I can find any shoes to buy on android version D: helpppppp!!!!

wait and try again

(1 edit)

My game keeps crashing on my phone (I've tried to use "force stop" I even restarted my phone but it still crashes)  any advice??? :(


You have 3 options:

Get a better phone

use a older game version

Deal with it

That's all you can do

(1 edit)

I downloaded the game on my mac, for some reason its size is bigger than the screen. How do I resize it?

(4 edits)

How to get bots to like me fast ?

talk to her

Err new to the game is there a way to change the apartment decoration aside from the Halloween update? Also awesome game please keep it up! 


Is something gonna happen if you dont do it with bot for a long time?

I cant get clothes for my bot. I need help

Is there any way to change the name of the bot?

Pretty useless question but what is the music for the main menu? its just so good that i have be able to find it elsewhere

the name shows at the top of the screen

wait what? it does?

theres a little pop up in the latest version, at the top of the screen when the music starts

so dont know if this qaulifies as a faq but i dont have a discord and and cant use the mod collection with out crashing the game so does anybody have like a list of individual mods or something?

so far no, discord or nothing, heh all the banned bastards are mad af


Can you play offline 

Hey dev any way I can transfer my data on my new pc? ty for ur time :)


it's answered in the first post in this thead.

(1 edit)

Hi, I wanted to ask about the date of the account update, the approximate number of which will be updated? By the way the game is super but I wold like to see:

1. new poses (if possible)

2. different body tupes, for example: big tits, hips, tighter thighs, bigger back. Perhaps even special ones referring to other things from "pop-culture", for example, a code inspired by Heidi, another Throttle, a third Arcee, and so on.

Each of them will have a large, medium and small size. New face models were also included.

This is a collection of data that could be customized, and labeling and matching all the options together, finding the "perfect bot" would be really fun.

3. The bot may have some king of restoring the body type, for exemple, when you buyher underwear.

4. the opportunaty to move to a better place when you have enough money, and "upgrade" the things that you get in everything, for exemple, to buy a better TV, ect.

5. stones. This is kind of a basic request, but i think that you could add stones to the game by taking some sounds from Freesound, i do not know that there are some sounds there that there are no problems using.

6. it would be great to see how oot smiles more often, and has the opportunity to hug him too.

7. hoods, coats, maybe latex things, more clothes in general, as well as the ability to fuck through clothes.

for exemple, by making a small holle in it or simply tearing it.

8. the simplest lipstick.

And interactoin(fuck) with Annali and Shanice. Another face mask for the bot. And that,s  it, i wish you all the best, guys, your yoke, its world, characters and their relationships are super.

How do you get to the games ending?

hola amigo 

Me gusta tu trabajo 

Toda esta temática del robot y los finales me fascina pero me gustaría saber cuándo saldrá la nueva actualización para el juego 

Después de cierto tiempo como todas las cosas se vuelve aburrido 

Deberías tratar de meter caminos alternos con la de la tienda o agregar más opciones con el bot 

Claramente es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo pero tampoco se necesita para hoy 

Pero si sería mejor algo de contenido extra que si valga la pena 

Hasta ntr sería bien recibido aunque poco sentido tenga pero no lo despreciaria 

En fin solo me gustaría saber cuándo sale la próxima actualización

Lo demás solo es sugerencia 

(1 edit)

Привет, я хотел спросить о дате обновления аккаунта, примерное число, которого будет обновление? Кстати игра супер но хотелось бы увидеть:

1. новые позы (по возможности)

2. разные формы тела, например: большие сиськи, бедра, более узкие бедра, большая талия. Возможно, даже специальные, связанные с другими вещами из «поп-культуры», например, код, вдохновленный Хайди, еще один Дроссель, третий Арси и так далее.

Каждый из них будет иметь большой, средний и маленький размер. Также были включены новые модели лица.

Это набор данных, который можно настроить, а пометить и сопоставить все параметры вместе, чтобы найти «идеального бота», было бы очень весело.

3. У нее может быть какой-то король восстановления типа тела, например, когда вы покупаете ей нижнее белье.

4. возможность переехать в лучшее место, когда у вас будет достаточно денег, и «обновить» то, что вы получаете, например, в эверте.

купить лучший телевизор и т. д.

5. стоны. Это вроде бы базовая просьба, но думаю можно было бы добавить стоны в игру взяв какие-то звуки с Freesound, не знаю есть ли там звуки, с использованием которых проблем нет.

6. Было бы здорово видеть, как Уот чаще улыбается, и имеет возможность обнять его тоже.

7. капюшоны, плащи, может латексные вещи, вообще больше одежды, а так же возможность трахаться через одежду.

например, проделав в нем маленькое отверстие или просто разорвав его.

8. самая простая помада.

И взаимодействуйте (трахайтесь) с Аннали и Шанис, еще одной маской для лица бота. И на этом все, желаю вам всего наилучшего, ребята, ваш первый, ее мир, персонажи и их отношения супер.

hola, tengo un problema, el juego se me sale cuando pongo las escenas eróticas o incluso a veces se sale solo cuando cargo el juego, quiero cambiar de ropa a la robot o quiero cambiar de posición en las escenas eróticas 


Cell  incontinence,  please look  at  my  comment  in FAG ( frequently  asked  qustions )  for  0.85.69  my  nickname  is  almaz5544  at  the  very  end  of  the  page.