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Carnage in Space: Ignition

A topic by MoscowModder created Nov 05, 2017 Views: 288 Replies: 3
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I'm John Brink AKA MoscowModder - software engineer by day, hobbyist game developer by night. And this here is my creation:

Name: Carnage in Space: Ignition
What it is: A fast-paced, vicious, SNES-styled action platformer
Platform: Windows & Mac, plus HTML5 demo
Game Engine: Construct 2



This is Nightmare, a black ops agent for the IOTA Coalition - the galaxy-wide keepers of peace. When a civil war breaks out on the planet Appenna, the army's hands are tied - but Nightmare can handle the situation quickly, discretely, and lethally. But when he gets to the bottom of this mess, just what mad schemes will he find? What's really tearing Appenna apart from the inside?


  • Fast, precise, floaty platforming controls!
  • Hoards of enemies to dismantle!
  • Loads of unique weapons to try out!
  • Powerful bosses that will kill you. Like, a LOT.
  • An unhealthy amount of sarcasm and/or cynicism!


Home page page

Facebook page



Nice work, gameplay is smooth.

Glad you like it!

Update: Ignition is now available for macOS!


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