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Help Setting Up

A topic by beemarie created Feb 08, 2016 Views: 5,022 Replies: 44
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I'm so happy to see a timer for the Mac community that looks good. I'm just kind of having some issues setting it up. Is there anyway you could give me a walkthrough on this?

Do you mean how to set up the split file? I can certainly help you with that. I checked the download, and the manual was not included in there. The manual is available in the download for the Windows version, but here is the section on how the format is defined:


File Format for Splits File:
The files Time Split Tracker uses are tab delimited, so it is easily to modify this in a spreadsheet program. Just save it as a tab delimited.

The first line is the info for the file. Its first column is the total number of attempts for the splits. The second column is the TimeOffset; the amount of time (can be negative) to offset the timer's starting time from zero. The third column is the path and filename for the image for the splits file. This is relative to the split file's location. This is what is displayed next to the splits' title.

The next line has the headers for the columns. The first column is the title for the splits. The second column is "Best Splits" which will be overwritten by the program since it is a reserved column. The remainder of the columns are for the comparison splits.

The remainder of the lines are in pairs and have the split data. The first line in the pair is the time data for the split. The first column is the split name, and the remainder are the times for the split, except the best split which is the elapsed time.
The format must be in h:mm:ss.zz (zz is the hundredths of the second) or it will not be recognized properly. The number of time data must match the number of headers.

The second line in the pair is the row's image file and the split notes. The first column is the path and filename of the image for the split. This is relative to the split file's location.
The rest of the columns are the notes for each time in the split. Note that in a text editor/spreadsheet, a tab must be entered as |t and a return as a |n since the characters normally would break the file format. These show up normally in the the notes editing in Time Split Tracker.


Hopefully that will help you. If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them, which I can use to help enhance the manual. Also if you want, I can set up the split file up for you if you tell me what you need. I have done this for others in the past.

Another easy way to set up the split file if you have WINE installed is to get the Windows version and use it to edit the splits within the program. I hope this feature will be added to the Mac version soon, because it makes things so much easier.

I apologize for not seeing this post earlier. I have to remember to check the discussion every so often because I don't get notifications for new topics.

I have one question... In the manual it states that there is a function on os x where i am allowed to manipulate the amount of splits on the screen at once, but i cannot find this.. I'm trying to use Luigi's Mansion splits and only a couple show up and they are very small. any help is appreciated.

In the Window section of the ini file, the parameters MaxWidth and MaxHeight define the size limit for the screen's horizontal and vertical, respectively. So for your purposes, increasing the MaxHeight will show more splits on the screen.

Thank you so much, I was worried this thread was no longer active. I got my splits on screen. It wasn't a problem with max width. For some reason when I converted my excel file to text delimited splits were taken off the list when put into time splits tracker. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, and I love how well your split tracker works on OS X!

Hello, I just downloaded time split tracker and do not know how to work it at all. I downloaded it, and was greeted by a .zip file in my downloads. When I clicked on it, a folder popped up, and in this folder were a bunch of .txt files, the time split tracker app, the manual, and a .ini file. When I opened the app, I couldn't figure out how to create splits, give the timer a title, or even start the timer itself. I was hoping you could walk me through setting up the timer so I could do these things. Thanks!

You need to unzip the download into a folder which can be put anywhere you like, that is the installation process for Time Split Tracker.  The next step after opening Time Split Tracker is to open one of your split files (command-O should do it, or you can do that from the menu).  The default mode of the program is a timer without any splits. 

The commands to use the timer should be in the splits menu (it is in the windows version, and the operation should be the same for the two versions) but you hit space to start the timer and go to the next split, hit P to pause and resume the timer, R to reset the timer, K to skip a split, and backspace to undo a split.  They key commands are also listed in the ini file, and are customizable, though I don't know if the mac version has implemented that yet.

The mac version of Time Split Tracker does not yet have in-program split file editing.  The second post in this thread is the file format copied from the manual.  Alternatively, if you have another computer (or dual-boot) with windows, or if you have WINE, you can use the windows version to edit the split file.  To create a split file you copy one of the templates and edit it.  Or if you want to post the info for the splits, I will post back the data for the split file.

I need you to make me a split file for Geometry Dash splits. I'm a new speedrunner and i need Mac programs that are easy to use.

I need you to make the following split file:

Title: Geometry Dash levels 1-8 any%

Splits: Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Can't Let Go, Jumper, Time Machine (and we're done!)

Deleted post
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Here is the split file:

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I need a split for hitman. 7 levels, The Final Test, The Showstopper, World of Tomorrow, A Gilded Cage, Club 27, Freedom Fighters and Situs Inversus, SA/SO. My splits aren't exactly working as intended for me.

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Here is the split file:

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I need a split for Snail Bob 2.

Split names: Level 1, Level 7, Level 16, Level 21 , Level 25 (end)

Timer name: Snail Bob 2 any%

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Here is the split file:

The link from before had an incorrect file. I have replaced the link with a correct version.

would you be able to create a split file for a link to the past? I literally cannot figure out how to work time split 

Yes.  Please tell me what splits you want (and also if you have a current best run with those splits) tell me what they are and I will create a file for you.

I'm a new runner - haven't done a single run before! I'm thinking at every traditional marker for a NMG run? I wish I knew how to work this program it's honestly sooo confusing ): 

Does that help at all?

I'm not familiar with splits for Link to the Past.  Can you point to (and preferably make a list of) the splits for the category?



Eastern Palace

Desert Palace

Tower of Hera

Agahnim 1

Palace of Darkness

Thieves Town

Skull Woods

Swamp Palace

Ice Palace

Misery Mire

Turtle  Rock

Ganons Tower


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Here is the split file:

There is currently no way to set up global hotkeys, correct? I love this timer, in terms of aesthetics and versatility with setting up splits it seems great, but it seems to me that there's no ability to change the hotkeys or make them global which sort of makes it non functional for how I'm trying to use it. 

Global hotkeys has not yet been implemented.

Would you be willing to make a split file for Warcraft 3? Splits are as follows:

The Defense of Strahnbrad

Blackrock and Roll

Ravages of the Plague

The Cult of the Damned

Marsh of the Scourge

The Culling

The Shores of the Northrend



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Here is the split file:

Hi, I have a split file for de Blob 100%, but I can't seem to make it import properly. Any advice?

Can you upload the file so I can see what is going wrong?

can someone help memake a split of this. i made this in text edit and still can't open it im not sure what im doing wrong .. for TMNT 4 on snes

0 0.00

TMNT 4 Any100% Best Splits Comparison

0.00 0.00

Baxter 0.00 0.00

Metal Head 0.00 0.00

Rat King 0.00 0.00

Takka and Rahzar 0.00 0.00

Tank Shredder 0.00 0.00

Slash 0.00 0.00

Bebop & Rock Steady 0.00 0.00

L. Head 0.00 0.00

Super Krang 0.00 0.00

Space ship Brain Krang 0.00 0.00

Shredder's Final Form! 0.00 0.00

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Here is the split file:

Hello, can anyone give me the split file for portal 2 ?

The Courtesy Call

The Cold Boot

The Return

The Surprise

The Escape

The Fall

The Reunion

The Itch

The Part Where He Kills You

ThanK You

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Here is the split file:

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Hello! Would you be able to make me a split file for Undertale? The names are as follows: (title Undertale: TPE Glitchless)



Box Road



Mad Dummy

Castle Room

Water Cooler

Cooking Show

Royal Guards



Laser Hallway

Mettaton EX

Judgement Hall


Photoshop Flowey


Cooking Lessons

Alphys Date

True Lab (generator room)

mash like hell

Asriel Phase 2

SAVE the World

The End

Here is the split file:

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Heya ! I didn't understand how to make a split file so i ask you to make  file for a SM64 ROM hack called Unfair Mario 64. I would like to make a speedrun/funny video or livestream about it. thank you in advance man and i will tell you the levels when you accept , hopefully

You can put whatever splits you want in the file, there are no limits.  Send me a list of the splits that would would like and I will create a file for it.

Hey Man! I'm absolutely useless so could you make me a split file for Hollow Knight? 

Title: Hollow Knight Any% NMG


Vengeful Spirit 

Mothwing Cloak

Dash Master

Mantis Claw 

Shaman Stone

Dream Nail

Nail Upgrade

Watcher Knights

Lurien the Watcher

Lumafly Lantern

Crystal Peak

Crystal Heart

Monomon the Teacher

Herrah the Beast

Hollow Knight

The End




Here is the splits file:

While the timer itself works, it doesn't seem to be saving my best splits. Any help? Also, is there an option to change the hotkeys, cause the current settings page doesn't actually do anything.

When are you trying to save your best splits?  It should save them automatically if the option for auto-save best splits is set, if that exists in the mac port.  I don't have a mac, so I am unable to test.  Hotkey options don't exist yet, as well as a number of settings.

It's not doing that. I'll try around with it though. Do you know if the .ini file allows me to edit things and if yes how? Cause at the moment in the file it says AutoSaveBestSplit: N so I assume it must have something to do with that, just I can't seem to be able to apply those settings. Perhaps I'll try it with WINE.

The ini file does indeed controls the settings, provided that the settings have been implemented, which many have not been in the mac version.  The windows version has everything implemented, including the ability to edit split files.  I also actively maintain it.  It runs great in WINE; I use Linux so I run it in WINE, and have tested it.

Hi! Sorry to jump on the wagon of asking you for help, but I was wondering if you could make a split file for BTD 5? The title would be BTD - Park Path - Hard Mode

Splits: Round 10, Round 20, Round 30, Round 40, Round 50, Round 60, Round 70, Round 80, Round 85

I'm running this timer on Mac OSX if that makes a difference....

Thank you!!!

Here is the splits file:

Thank you

can I have one for Portal 2?

splits are:

Wheatley's carriage

Ruined chamber 1

Ruined chamber 2

Ruined chamber 3 & 4

Ruined chamber 5

Ruined chamber 6

Ruined chamber 7 & 8

GLaDOS awakening

Incinerator room

New chamber 1

New chamber 2

New chamber 3

New chamber 4

New chamber 5

New chamber 6

New chamber 7

New chamber 8

New chamber 9

New chamber 10

New chamber 11

New chamber 12

New chamber 13

New chamber 14

New chamber 15

New chamber 16

New chamber 17

New chamber 18

New chamber 19

New chamber 20

Escape 1

Escape 2

Turret manufacturing

Turret Control Centre

Neurotoxin generator

The tube

Wheatleys Betrayal

In the salt mines

Old chamber 1

Old chamber 2

Old chamber 3

up, up, and away

Old chamber 4

Old chamber 5

Old chamber 6

Back to the futuristic


Unstable chamber 1

Unstable chamber 2

Unstable chamber 3

Unstable chamber 4

Unstable chamber 5

Unstable chamber 6

Unstable chamber 11

Unstable chamber 12

Unstable chamber 15

Unstable chamber 16


Mashy spike plates

Mortons Fork

WheatLOS battle

Here is the splits file: