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Voting in Jams vs. game ratings?

A topic by Hanon Ondricek created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 526 Replies: 2
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Are game jam votes separate from game site ratings?

If an individual game is entered in a jam, can a player vote twice - once on the game's main page and once on the jam page?

Or are jam ratings shared with the game's main rating? If someone plays a game unaware of the jam and leaves a rating, does that rating apply to the jam also, or would the person need to vote again on the game's jam page to make it register?


It's pretty confusing. I think the ratings are separated, but if a game is in a jam and the jam is during the voting period, then you can only give the game a jam rating. Which you can't do unless you're also in the jam, or else a designated judge. But you're not told that until you've clicked through the (otherwise clearly labeled) link. So it's easy to make a mess of things.


Jam ratings are separate from overall ratings, I agree that this is confusing. I think what make sense is for us to add a banner to the top of the regular rate game screen highlighting this fact if a game is currently in a jam that is being rated.