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Lullaby Gardens

Become a shopkeeper in a coastal town! Farm, mine, forage and catch bug to gather goods and supply your shop. · By dadaistudios

Steam Key?

A topic by SpatialNeeds created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 846 Replies: 2
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If I buy the game here, will it include a steam key upon launch?  Akin to similarly priced kickstarter packages??  Is this an equivalent?  If so, i'm buying it today.  If not.... we'll see...  "Extending" the kickstarter's an option too, no?  Thank you for your labor of love.  It could quickly become mine too, if things line up favorably for me @steam.  


Yes, if you buy the game here you will also have a Steam key once it's released on Steam :)

I appreciate your promptness.  Thank you.  I had already caved though, and have been playing for several hours now.  ^^