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Super Blast Off! (Demo)

2D action platformer that pits a small green alien named Ero against the evil Mr. Fat Cat and his cat army. · By paragonyx

Videos! Let's Plays and Feedback

A topic by CoalFire created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 1
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So the art is really gorgeous and the music is strangely relaxing but I find the gameplay to be a little lacking in general. It seems like a ton of effort has gone into the game in total but the game aspect of it has been kind of overlooked. It is a functional platofrmer but in the most basic sense, the combat feels limp, the movement is average and the power-ups are the same. The randomly generated levels are a nice touch but it's icing on an unsatisfying cake. I'll definitely keep up with the development to see what changes come about!


I enjoyed playing the demo of Super Blast Off. It was cute and the artwork is stunning. Really well made in that aspect.
The gameplay I found to be a little tedious at times. Especially the combat and the fact that you go back to ROUND 1 everytime you die is way too much work to get back to where you were. The procedural element is nice but does need some work as sometimes I would start a level with 3 enemies firing at me and other times there were none. Great effort guys and I'm looking forward to seeing how the game progresses