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A topic by Lewis Lepton created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 62
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so im happy that khappybalt is in the public. it really did not take long to do. maybe 2 full days.

now, its purely sorting the last few remaining things, such as the smooth transition of the spikes, a 'your last score' text & a few other things. ill more than likely code it out again, but making sure i dont have remaining & pointless code laying around.

once all that is done & more importantly, the kittens i rescued have been rehoused to a loving family, then ill get on & start making the game series. im looking forward too it. though what i may do is actually go to a studio space or something which will be much quieter & less distractions which would come thru the microphone. i want the series to be really good & informative as well as sounding nice.

thats it for now. ill just carry on with finishing khappybalt ;)

lewis lepton