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My review after playing the game (with video)

A topic by Mister Bopi created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 213
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I'm a huge horror fan myself and I've seen so many movies, played so many games, that I often find them predictable. It pleases me when I finally come across a good game/movie that makes me feel scared.

After playing your game, I am happy to say that you managed to do this! The atmosphere is really creepy, a lot of unpredictable things (the doll for instance) really surprised me! The voice acting is wonderful too, not often that you come across an indie game with any voice acting at all, let alone as good as this one!

I am sure that this game will get far if it reaches enough people.
It has a lot of inspiration from all different kind of horror movies and games in my opinion. The hotel reminds me of Psycho, the TV and the girl's name made me think of Saw and the gameplay itself and the set location reminds me of games such as Outlast.

I'll be sure to follow the game, would love to play the full version one day!
Good luck with the project and I hope we get to see more from you in the future!

As others, I also made a video, feel free to use it for any publicity for your game, I'd be honoured if I could help you reach more people somehow!